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The Best Way to Lose Weight Using White Kidney Bean Extract

White Kidney Bean for Weight Loss

Also known as, Phaseolus vulgaris or cannellini beans, white kidney beans are full of rich nutrients like protein and various vitamins like vitamin B, E and K.

They also contain a healthy vitamin – arsenal folate which is a member of the vitamin B family. Your body needs folate in order to produce DNA. This vitamin is extremely useful for pregnant women as it prevents birth defects.

In addition to proteins and vitamins, white kidney beans also contain minerals like iron. Minerals help transport the oxygen from the lungs throughout your body. Other nutrients found in white kidney beans are potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and manganese. All of these nutrients promote the proper functioning of the body. Besides rich nutrients, cannellini beans also contain phenols – plant compounds consisting anti-inflammatory properties

Although white kidney beans are famous for numerous benefits including stabilizing of blood sugar, enhancing cognitive function, combating cancer cells, optimizing blood circulation, they are especially beneficial for weight loss.

Including white kidney beans in your diet is one of the best ways that you can use to shed extra calories. Their supplements act as “starch blockers” or “carb blockers” which inhibit the starch or carb-digesting enzyme which otherwise turns the starch or carb into absorbable sugar. By hampering the digestion of starch or carb, fewer calories are accumulated as glycogen in the liver or as triglycerides in specialized fat storage cells.

Several studies suggest that white kidney beans also decrease the risks of developing obesity and many other conditions and illnesses associated with it. According to clinical trials conducted in 2011 concluded that there was a significant reduction in body fat among people that consumed white kidney extract with no other weight loss ingredient in daily doses between 445 mg and 1500 mg.

White Kidney Bean Extract for Weight Loss

White Kidney Bean Extract for Weight Loss

What Is White Kidney Bean?

The second and most common name of white kidney beans is cannellini beans which are native to South America.

In the culinary world, they are popular for their subtle taste, offering flavorful taste when combined with other ingredients. Not only the western world enjoys these healthy beans, they are quite famous in Asian countries as well.

Excessive consumption of beans can cause bloating and gas, which may stop you from eating them. However, it is easy to deal with this problem. Simply make sure that you drink plenty of water afterward. This will boost your intake of fiber-rich foods like white kidney beans. Also, while cooking these beans ensure that you have sprouted the beans properly and discard the soaking water. This can reduce the GI discomfort which often occurs after the consumption of white kidney beans.

The majority of people prefer to eat white kidney beans as a salad along with other vegetables. They also enjoy it in the form of a hearty soup. Cannellini beans can also make for a flavorful addition to any simple meal.

However, if you’re looking for weight loss strategies that work, white kidney beans extract is your ultimate solution. Various clinical trials indicate these extracts to be effective at promoting weight loss.

White Kidney Bean
White Kidney Bean
Carb Blocker
Carb Blocker Carb Blocker
Appetite Control Appetite Control
Weight Loss Weight Loss

How It Works:

  • Helps in weight-loss and controlling appetite
  • Works to inhibit alpha-amylase
  • Decreases the absorption and breakdown of carbohydrates
Between 500-1500mg Per day
Rated likely Safe

How Does It Work on White Kidney Bean Extract?

As stated above, white kidney bean extract is a carbohydrate blocker that works by inhibiting the digestion of carbohydrates. By inhibiting their digestion, starches consumed are either left undigested in the gut or the speed and amount of digestion are reduced. The undigested food is then excreted or at times, colonic bacteria eat those calories.

What inhibits the digestion of carbs? Phaseolamin. It is an alpha-amylase inhibitor that is also known as, alpha-amylase inhibitor isoform 1, or Alpha-AI1.

This is an enzyme that helps break down complex carbohydrates into smaller pieces. This makes them easier to turn into digestible particles – oligosaccharides. Alpha-amylase begins to function as soon as the salivary glands release it. However, its function is short-lived. As it reaches the stomach, it stops the carbs from turning into small pieces.

The carb breakdown action generates again in the small intestine by the production of additional alpha-amylase from the pancreas. During the process, some of the carbs (digested or undigested) pass through the small intestine as well as the large intestine. As it reaches the intestines, the starch breaks down into the smallest pieces.

These extra calories either remain there in the form of unabsorbed sugar and later on eaten by bacteria or they are extracted out of the body. In the end, only a small amount of calories are present in your blood. If this reduction of calories is sufficient for your body, you will experience weight loss to a considerable extent.

Does White Kidney Beans Promote Weight Loss?

White Kidney Bean Pills for Weight Loss

White Kidney Bean Pills for Weight Loss

Do white kidney beans help you lose weight?

Various clinical studies support white kidney beans extracts as a perfect solution for promoting weight loss.

In a study, obese adults received 1500 mg of phaseolamin twice a day for 8 weeks. As a result, they lost 3.79 pounds on average as compared to the placebo group that was able to lose only 1 pound on average. After the study, the patients suffered from no serious side effects.

Another study conducted in 2011 concluded that the white kidney beans extract at doses between 445 mg and 3000 mg per day promoted weight loss when the participants take them with high-carb meals.

A study published in the Internal Journal of Medical Science conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, in which 60 overweight people who took either placebo or Phase 2, a highly concentrated phaseolus extract, once daily.

They took this single daily dose 30 minutes prior to a meal full of carbohydrates. Over the 30 days of the study, subjects that received white kidney bean extract experienced a significantly higher reduction of body weight, BMI, fat mass, adipose tissue thickness, and waist/hip/ thigh fat than those subjects that received placebo.

The last two studies showcase that the intake of white kidney bean extract is highly beneficial when you take it with a high-carb meal. In most of the diets, the user has to give up eating rich carb foods but this is not how white kidney beans extracts work.

One of the main concerns people face while attempting to lose weight is how to maintain lean muscles so that most of their body parts are free of unwanted fat. White kidney bean extract seems to have a solution for this.

A study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences in 2007 found that people who took white kidney bean extracts while eating a carbohydrate-rich food lost more weight which came mostly from body fat, than those who took a placebo instead of the supplements. For better results, doctors and nutritionists highly recommend people to incorporate resistance training and cardiovascular exercise into their daily routine while trying to lose weight with white kidney beans extracts.

6 Proven Benefits of White Kidney Beans

1. Prevent Heart Diseases

White kidney beans are a rich source of fiber that helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, preventing the chances of heart strokes.

White kidney beans are also rich in vitamin B and folate which helps to fight toxic amino acid present in your bloodstream. If these amino acids are present in high levels in your blood, they can become the sole risk factor for stroke and heart attack.

According to an analysis published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” in October 2002, if all Americans consume folate-rich meals, it would lower the number of heart attacks by at least 10% each year.

2. Protect Skin Damage

Antioxidants present in cannellini beans protect your skin from the sun damage. In a study conducted at the Duke University Medical Center, when the researchers added these antioxidants to a topic solution, they offered a double protection to your skin.

The active ingredient – ferulic acid eliminated the dead skin cells that are the result of the exposure of harmful UV rays.

The reason behind the majority of people suffering from skin cancer is due to the skin’s exposure to UV rays and white kidney beans can reduce the symptoms of skin cancer.

3. Manage Blood Sugar Levels

The soluble fiber found in white kidney beans maintains the blood sugar level. According to an article published in the “Current Diabetes Reports” in October 2009, a soluble fiber found in white kidney beans improves your metabolism and reduces insulin levels, keeping your blood sugar level stabilized.

Many observational studies show that eating white kidney beans or food items that are low in the glycemic index may prevent you from becoming diabetic.

4. Boost Your Energy Levels

Due to the low GI index and soluble fiber in white kidney beans, your energy level alleviates minutes after you consume them. White kidney beans are full of protein which also provides your body with a lot of energy.

The best part is that you stay energized for a long period of time and are able to perform your everyday work without any trouble.

5. Help in Detoxification

White kidney beans effectively eliminate harmful toxins that might be present in your body. A nutritious component – molybdenum is present in white kidney beans that destroy the detoxifying enzymes like sulfite oxidase and aldehyde oxidase.

6. Eliminate Cancer Cells

Cannellini beans are an excellent source of phytochemicals and flavonoids which help in diminishing the growth and spread of vicious cancer cells. Since white kidney beans are an excellent source of fiber, they are able to clean the body from toxic elements that also inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Health Benefits of White Kidney Beans

Health Benefits of White Kidney Beans

How to Use White Kidney Beans for Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide. Various scientific and medical studies have linked the consumption of beans with lowered risk of colon cancer. White kidney beans contain healthy nutrients and fibers that have anti-cancer properties.

Fibers including resistant starch and alpha-galactosides pass the cancer-causing enzymes safely down to the colon where friendly bacteria eliminate them. This results in the production of fatty acids like butyrate. These fatty acids improve the overall colon health and protect you from suffering from colon cancer.

There are many white kidney bean extracts on the market that prevent colon cancer for good. You can have these extracts before or with your meal to keep the symptoms of colon cancer at bay. Before you use white kidney bean extract, it is better to consult with a doctor first.

Side Effects of White Kidney Beans

White kidney bean extracts do not cause any serious side-effects. However, you may suffer from gas problems or diarrhea due to a sudden decrease in the breakdown of carbohydrates. According to a review of the research published in the March 2011 issue of the “Nutrition Journal”, you may also experience the signs of bloating and constipation.

However, these side-effects can easily disappear if one starts to take white kidney supplements on a daily basis. It is also typical to suffer from gastrointestinal problems if you increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Thus, it is completely normal to experience these small health issues during the consumption of white kidney beans.

White kidney beans not only promote weight loss but they provide numerous other benefits as well. Their consumption is also quite safe, there are just minor side-effects. Your body needs a bit time to adjust to the changes caused due to the intake of white kidney bean extracts. All in all, if you are on the look-out for a reliable method to lose weight or have other health benefits, you can try white kidney bean extracts.

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