How does Supplement Intake Help in Losing Weight?

Top 7 Most Popular Weight Loss Supplements Reviewed

Have you been told that you need to lose weight?

Perhaps, someone at the family dinner pointed out that if you changed your diet you will be able to lose a few pounds.

Making changes to your diet won’t actually help you a lot!

You need to take a little something extra to lose significant weight. You can truly improve your weight by taking supplements.

How Do Weight Loss Pills Work?

The answer is simple.

Supplements increase the process of burning fat in your body, reduce your appetite and even decline fat absorption in the body mass.

Your body is performing all of the above-mentioned functions naturally. Supplements simply give them a boost.

Many people would disagree with these functions. Each brand of weight loss supplements has a different set of ingredients. This goes for both over-the-counter and medically prescribed pills. Take for instance, the example of pills containing Orlistat. You can only use it with a doctor’s prescription. It helps in reducing weight in a way that does not include suppressing one’s appetite.

Pancreas and gastrointestinal tract produce lipases in the body. Orlistat inhibits its production. This whole function takes place inside the gut instead of the bloodstream.

Lipases absorb body fat and convert it into energy. At times, the body stores fat instead of converting it. Through Orlistat, this entire process is stumped and all fats are excreted through feces.

Let’s see how some of the other popular weight loss supplements do their job!

1. Fat Burner Supplements

When you say ‘fat burner supplements’, you are using an umbrella term for drugs that either increase your metabolic rate or enhance thermogenesis in the body. The speed at which your body burns fat is known as metabolic rate. As it improves, the fat burning process speeds up. Likewise, when thermogenesis increases, body fat also burns up quickly.

You can safely assume that fat burners increase your body temperature. Among natural diet, they include things like caffeine, green tea and the South American herb known as yerba. Synthetically, forskolin, carnitine and ephedrine are commonly known fat burners.

How Do Fat Burners Work?

Some far burners use heat to reduce body fat. Others increase adrenaline in your body to enhance the metabolic rate of the body.
Word of Advice before Taking Fat Burners

Several fat burners have the tendency to raise the stress hormone Cortisol in the body. If you are suffering from some form anxiety or stress, you should only take fat burners after consulting with your doctor.

Try taking fat burners at an early hour in the morning. You can use the adrenaline rush at that time of the day.


We consume tea and coffee on a daily basis. However, we rarely utilize the full benefits that caffeine has to offer.

Caffeine stimulates our central nervous system. It has incredibly powerful effects on our body. It keeps us active and prevents the adenosine receptors in the brain from calming us down.

This is the main reason that caffeine keeps us fully awake even when we take in extremely small doses.

Many weight-loss supplements use caffeine as a main ingredient. In the form of a synthetic drug, caffeine increases your energy and suppresses your appetite. Both of these actions result in systematic weight loss.

The most efficient weight loss supplements that contain caffeine generally have green coffee and green tea extracts. Every supplement has a different effect based on whether it includes green coffee or green tea. In addition, varying concentrations of caffeine in supplements affect weight loss in each individual differently.

Caffeine boosts your metabolism which breaks down fats into energy quickly. As a result, your body cannot store fats. Consequently, your body loses weight.

You can consume total 400 mg of caffeine safely in a day in any supplement. Any concentration higher than that can prove to have adverse effects on your health.

2. Appetite Suppressant Supplements

Many weight loss supplements are produced to fool the brain into believing that it is not hungry. Such supplements have more of an impact on the central nervous system than any other part of the body.

You can only use such supplements with a prescription. They can help you lose significant weight in a short span of time.

How Do They Work?

A hunger suppressant affects brain chemicals to influence the mood and appetite of an individual. If you have frequent hunger stabs, an appetite depressant can assist you in reducing their frequency. When you feel less hungry, you will eat less. As a consequence, you will be able to lose weight easily.

One of the most effective appetite suppressants contains fiber as a primary ingredient. Fiber makes you feel full for a longer period of time. You don’t feel like eating anything for several hours when you’re on a fiber diet. While natural fiber may give your taste buds a difficult time, fiber in supplements does quite the opposite.

You just have to take one pill every day to jump start your fiber diet!


Human body naturally produces serotonin. It helps in curbing hunger stabs and works as an efficient appetite depressant.

The tryptophan supplement is nature’s substitute to serotonin.

What Does Tryptophan Do for You?

It regulates your natural mood. It stabilizes your emotional state. It relieves your anxiety. It gives you focus and energy.

Naturally, tryptophan only gets into your brain after you consume sweet or starchy carbohydrates. Tryptophan is an amino acid which is found in all proteins. However, consumption of protein actually prevents tryptophan from moving into the brain through the blood.

So, when you eat meals like turkey or yogurt, tryptophan doesn’t do you a lot of favors. You have to eat carbohydrates along with it to get it through the blood barrier and into the brain.

How Does Tryptophan Work?

You can get tryptophan supplements between 500 mg to 1000 mg from the market. You should take it at least 15 minutes before your meal time. You can also take this supplement 2 hours after having a meal. It will increase the absorption rate of the drug in your bloodstream.

You can take it conveniently in addition to carbohydrates. But it is preferred that you take it on an empty stomach for better absorption.

Acai Berry

Acai berries are one of the healthiest foods to have in your regular diet.
Grown in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil, they are deep purple in color. They taste like a combination of chocolates and berries.

Acai berries contain anthocyanin which is a powerful antioxidant. They protect your body against several inflammations, aging, infections and even cancer.

A small 4 ounce serving of acai has 100 calories, calcium, iron, fiber and vitamin A. However, most people do not get access to fresh acai berries. You will be able to find them in several supplements.

They have incredible antioxidant properties and they are rich in fiber. In the form of supplements, you will find several acai berry drugs that hold promising weight loss abilities.

Basically, acai berries burn fat efficiently. They help in processing food more quickly. Due to their fiber-rich content, they suppress appetite and curb hunger cravings. They also give a boost to your metabolism. Not only that acai berries have detoxification abilities. They cleanse your body of the toxic build-up that keeps on weighing you down.

African Mango

Irvingia Gabonensis is a tree in West Africa. It has fruits which look like mangoes. Therefore, they are most commonly known as African Mangoes.

Seeds from the fruits have the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, body fat and body weight. Locals in Africa use the fleshy and pulpy part of the fruits to make different foods. However, the seeds are used in supplements with enriching properties. In fact, many traditional African tribes have used other parts of the tree for medicinal purposes.

While the natural seed makes a little difference, processed seed powder in supplements helps in making a huge difference.

The best part about this miracle supplement is that you don’t have to do any additional endeavors to lose weight.

African tribes have been consuming this mango for centuries. They have not suffered any adverse effects. Research shows that no adverse effects should appear by using the synthetic supplements either.

Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus quadrangularis is a wonderful perennial plant or a vine that is mostly used for medicinal purposes. This plant only grows in some parts of Asia and Africa. It is most famous for being used in Ayurvedic medicine and also in some traditional African medicines. This indicates that cissus quadrangularis has been used for thousands of years now.

Some of the traditional uses of this supplement include feminine disorders such as menstrual, menopause, and libido disorders. Modern studies have proved that cissus quadrangularis can be used to treat heart diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity. It is also known for being quite effective in preventing illnesses such as stomach problems, anorexia, malaria, PUD, and osteoporosis.

Other than treating all the problems mentioned above, cissus quadrangularis can also be a good supplement for curing insomnia. It can relax the muscles in the body. This helps get rid of all the tension and uneasiness. In this way, a person who takes it can get better sleep.

Cissus quadrangularis is pretty safe to use with very few side effects. The only known side effect of this amazing herbal supplement is that it causes low blood sugar in the body. Experts have prohibited the use of it after surgery as the low blood sugar can be dangerous at that time. Experts have also warned people with diabetes to use it carefully.

White Kidney Beans

You may have used white kidney beans in your diet several times.

They are surely a filling meal. However, white kidney bean extracts do a much better job for weight loss.
You will find them in most weight loss supplements. You should take these 15 minutes prior to any meal to reduce your weight and to get in good shape.

How Does White Kidney Bean Extract Help in Losing Weight?

You should take this supplement in addition to taking a carbohydrate rich diet.

The pure function of this supplement is to stop the functioning of amylase. Amylase is an enzyme that breaks carbohydrates down into smaller units.

Smaller carbohydrate units are easier to get absorbed into body fat. When amylase stops working, the carbohydrates don’t break down and are ultimately excreted through the feces.

You can save your body from fat consumption by just blocking out carbohydrates. You can use this supplement to affect some of the complex carbs like starches. Smaller units like sugar won’t have much of an effect in this case.

Who Should Take White Kidney Beans Extract Supplements?

If your diet is quite high in carbohydrates, then taking the White Kidney Beans supplements should be your first priority. It will help you lose significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

Weight loss is a complex yet fulfilling journey for you!
Use supplements to give a boost to your endeavors. You will be successful in all your attempts to lose and maintain your weight.

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