Privacy Policy – NOOTRIMENT

Privacy Policy is the ultimate information resource that provides information regarding the specifics of brain health and comprehensive data regarding substances used to manage brain activity and health successfully in order to prevent mental issues and promote improvements.

This Privacy Policy discloses the privacy practices of and will solely focus on the discussion of information collected by the website from our “visitors”, how it’s protected, and when and how such information is used.

Information Collection

Visiting the website will entail a variety of things. Personal data may be required from visitors (email address and moving forward.

Specific information regarding your activity with our website will also be collected. This includes the time spent browsing the website, pages visited, and the other websites visited before and after checking

All of these are collected with the help of cookies. (Cookies – bits of files stored in websites and web browsers to properly tailor your browsing needs.) The use of cookies is common and it helps every website, including our own, to offer convenient and hassle-free browsing.

You’ll have the choice to remove cookies and have yourself notified through changing the web settings of your browser.

Third-Party Ad Vendors

Third-party ad vendors also make use of cookies to provide more personalized ad placements every time you visit.

If you wish to learn how the information is gathered and how it is used, you can choose to visit
Google Ad Policies. You’ll also know how you can control these things.

Personal Information Security

To maintain our visitor’s trust and confidence in our website’s services, several precautionary web measures have been placed. this helps protect you from any unauthorized modification, access, use, and disclosure of personal information.

efficient use of encryptions is used between all data communication between the website and its visitors to guarantee your protection.

The same type of security helps prevent hacker attacks on to help you be more at ease with our services.

Personal Information Use

Personal information may be used to help improve website content. this includes customization of the site according to the visitor’s needs and preferences and communication of the latest information through email, but if and only if requested by you.

Disclosure Of Personal Information to Third-parties

Disclosure of personal information is prohibited with several exemptions. This will only happen when said third-party has services we use for our business like technical support.

Rest assured, these services carry the same standard as our website in terms of our visitor’s need for privacy.

Privacy Policy and Outside Links

The website links to other websites if we feel that they are implementing and observing the same security measures as us. However, it’s important to note that all the other websites you’ll visit and other links will be beyond our control.