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Pramiracetam Nootropics Review: Benefits, Usage and Dosages

Introduction of Pramiracetam

Developed in the 1970s, Pramiracetam is deemed as one of the most popular and strongest nootropic drugs that are presently used worldwide. The drug is reported to be beneficial for maintaining health and functioning of the human brain. Pramiracetam is commonly denoted as a brain-boosting cognitive enhancer.
It helps in memory improvement, increasing learning capabilities and boosting focus. Its unique action of optimizing overall brain function has made it a favorite among students, writers and those aiming to achieve maximized mental abilities.

Though this nootropic drug has been in the medical industry for almost fifty years, it is new to many people and is only beginning to get recognition in public. Pramiracetam is known to be one of the strongest nootropic available. It can effectively enhance mental performance and raise metrics of intelligence.

Best Nootropics for Studying

Best Nootropics for Studying

Pramiracetam Overview

It boosts the cognitive function of the human brain and stimulates the central nervous system. It serves in memory formation and improves focus and concentration of the user. Initially, Pramiracetam was used on Alzheimer’s patient to improve their depressive disorder and dementia.

Pramiracetam as a Cognitive Drug

Following on, this nootropic drug was then used for reinstating the cognitive function of patients after stroke or brain injury. Currently, Pramiracetam has gained immense popularity for improving cognitive functions. It is used in treating conditions like dyslexia, ADHD, dementia, and other brain-related disorders.

It Makes You Feel Positive

Pramiracetam has been reported to cast a significant impact on the High-Affinity Choline Uptake (HACU) in the brain. It tends to increase the level of HACU and boosts acetylcholine use. This effects of Pramiracetam enhances cognitive functions, and influence the memory and learning abilities of a person positively. Pramiracetam is generally regarded as one of the strongest derivates of piracetam. It possesses the ability to extensively enhance HACU in the human body.

Additional Supplements that You can Use with Pramiracetam

Consuming Pramiracetam with an acetylcholine supplement helps to increase the efficiency of this cognitive enhancer. It also marginalizes the occurrence of side-effects like a headache and dizziness.

Racetam Nootropic
Focus Focus
Motivation Motivation
Reasoning Reasoning

How It Works:

  • Enhances motivation and focus.
  • Enhances memory and cognitive functions.
  • Increases alertness.
250 to 400mg taken up to 3-times a day.
Some Reported Side Effects

What Dosage of Pramiracetam Is Best-Suited for You?

Pramiracetam Dosage

Pramiracetam Dosage

The recommended dosage for Pramiracetam is 250 to 400mg taken up to 3-times a day. It can be taken all at once, or in three equal parts. You should not take this nootropic drug in excess of 1 gram to avoid any bad reaction. It is safe to start with a low dose of 50mg and then gradually increase.

Forms in Which You Can Consume Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam is available in different dosage considerations. It can be consumed in tablet, capsule and powder form. Tablet and capsule dosage is usually 250 or 300mg each. Pramiracetam is medically safe to use and should be taken within the dosage limits.

Take It with Additional Fat for Improved Results

Pramiracetam is suggested to be consumed with supplemental fat like extra-virgin fat, MCT oil or olive oil. The combination serves in enhancing the action of Pramiracetam and gives an increased improvement in cognitive functions.

How Does Pramiracetam Work in Your Body?

It is often wondered how Pramiracetam works and how it improves the cognitive abilities. Pramiracetam essentially works on the neurotransmitter acetylcholine that is present in the brain. Here is the breakdown of how Pramiracetam functions in your body:

3 Major Functions of Pramiracetam:

How It Improves Your Memory Formation?

This brain health supplement excites the transmitter and resultantly stimulates the cognitive activity in the brain. Pramiracetam focuses on binding and modulating the acetylcholine receptors. This increases the efficiency of overall acetylcholine transmission. This results in increasing the memory formation capacity of the brain which is associated with the level of acetylcholine present in the brain.

How It Improves Your Cognitive Abilities?

Pramiracetam is a cognitive enhancer that enhances the learning and memorizing abilities of an individual. It is known to have limited risks and has significant effects on the communication within the brain. It helps the neurons in the brain form new connections. These connections make it easier for you to learn and develop new memories. Pramiracetam nootropic is reported to increase the alertness and attention in you. It boosts the mental energy, aiding in improving your focus and productivity in the learning process.

How It Improves Your Alertness?

Pramiracetam provides more glucose to the neurons in the brain. Glucose is the primary source of energy in the brain. Pramiracetam also increases the blood flow to the brain. More blood ensures a better oxygen supply to the brain, which results in more alertness.

6 Amazing Benefits for Pramiracetam Your Cognitive Health

Pramiracetam is a memory-enhancing drug that has proven to be highly effectual in increasing memory and learning. It tends to increase focus and concentration of the user, serving as a natural cognitive enhancer. Pramiracetam promises extensive productivity and efficient cognitive skills.

It is reported to be thirty times stronger than its parent nootropic drug, piracetam. Pramiracetam has a long-term cumulative effect. The drug once entered into your system, continues to get stronger and more effective. This promotes positive outcomes.

1. Clears Your Mind

The benefits of this brain health supplement start off by demonstrating noticeable and intense changes in the clarity of thought. It promotes the voice of reasoning and eventually enhances the speaking ability and word fluency.

2. Improves Your Memory and Concentration

Pramiracetam is a memory-enhancing drug that makes it easier for the user to recall things and acquire new skills. It boosts user’s efficiency and makes the brain function faster and better in tasks that usually require more focus and concentration like numerical problems.

3. Enhances Your Motivation

Pramiracetam is a focus nootropic supplement that is helpful in boosting motivation. It is non-toxic and safe to use. Deemed as a smart drug, anyone who is in a competitive field can consume Pramiracetam as a cognitive enhancer.

4. Instigates Positivity in You

Among the reported benefits of Pramiracetam, this memory-enhancing drug instigates a sense of well-being in the user and heightens their sensory perception. The brain health supplement is found to increase mental energy, and improve awareness.

5. Helps Improve Quality of Life

It is especially beneficial for adults suffering from mental conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A relatively safer drug to use, Pramiracetam can prove to be life-changing for such patients. It can be highly effectual for dementia conditions as well. It can substantially improve the quality of life for people who are suffering from mental debilitating disorders.

6. Good for Your Blood Pressure

Pramiracetam has the ability to increase the activity of nitric oxide synthase in the cerebral cortex. This precise enzyme causes the blood vessel walls in the brain to relax and expand so that there is a better flow of blood with controlled blood pressure. This results in increased blood circulation to the brain and more supply of energy in form of glucose.

Being one of the smart drugs, Pramiracetam serves extensively in improving cognitive abilities. However, its influence can vary from person to person, and have a diverse impact on the memory and learning capacity. You may or may not notice it right away. Some users have immediate results while others have the gradual but strong effect of this cognitive enhancer. Pramiracetam is now integrated into the treatment of cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in some countries. This precise nootropic drug has tremendous potential. It is likely to be included in the upcoming medical treatments.

Nootropics for Focus and Concentration

Nootropics for Focus and Concentration

Pramiracetam Side Effects You Need to Lookout For

Contrary to other nootropic drugs, Pramiracetam does not affect the excite-associated neurotransmitters and their receptors in the brain. Similarly, it has no significant impact on the synaptic activity of the hypothalamus.

No significant consequences are reported for Pramiracetam perse, but there can be some mild consequences incurred making you wonder how to prevent the side-effects. These side-effects are discussed briefly underneath:

4 Side Effects of Pramiracetam and How to Prevent:

1. Headaches May Become a Norm

If you are taking Pramiracetam to improve your brain health, you may feel the sensation of pressure in a certain region of the head. This is due to the synthesis and release of acetylcholine.

If there is not enough supply of choline in the body and Pramiracetam is consumed, it ultimately depletes production of acetylcholine. You can maintain the supply of choline in the body through consumption of Alpha GPC. Eating foods that are rich in choline like eggs and meat can be effectual, too.

2. You Can Develop Insomnia

Insomnia can be a potential side effect of Pramiracetam that you can incur. This is initially because too much energy provided by the drug can make it difficult for you to go to sleep. Extensive usage of Pramiracetam can spoil your sleep quality and lead the user towards sleep deprivation.

3. Nausea and Dizziness

The bitter and chemical-like taste of the powdered Pramiracetam can cause you nausea. To avoid this precise side effect, you can start using capsules of Pramiracetam instead of crushed form.
Dizziness is rarely experienced by the users of nootropic drugs. It is uncommon in the users. It could be, however, stimulated due to an individual health condition.

4. You May Lose Your Appetite

Appetite loss is associated with the dosage of Pramiracetam. Users with higher dosage level tend to incur this side-effect more than others.

What Does User Review and Experiences Say?

Drugs to Enhance Brain Function

Drugs to Enhance Brain Function

According to Pramiracetam user review, it is a favorite nootropic drug among users. This is primarily because of its long-lasting effect and the productive results. User’s reviews showcase that they are able to acquire evident benefits from Pramiracetam in terms of productivity and learning abilities. It is noted among users that integrating Pramiracetam in the nootropic stack routine makes it more cost-efficient with equal productive results.

Alongside the positive results, reviews further highlight claims, stating that the users incur strong side-effects of the drug. Headaches, nausea and mood swings are reported to be prominent consequences of this precise cognitive enhancer. Users report that powdered form of Pramiracetam has a bitter and chemical-like taste. This makes Pramiracetam capsule a better form of drug consumption.

According to user feedback, the strongest nootropic drug, Pramiracetam is highly effectual in instigating focused and purposeful behavior, and increasing motivation. Improved memory and faster recall are found to be the most known benefits among the users.

According to clinical evidence, this brain health supplement is presumed to be a neuroprotective agent that helps in protecting neurons and contribute to the overall health improvement of the brain.

Legal Status of Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam has proven to be highly potent than any other nootropic drugs. Its fat-soluble tendency makes its effects long-lasting. With mild side effects, Pramiracetam is a safe nootropic drug. However, combining it with a good bio-available source of choline can effectively reduce the related side-effects.

In the United States, Pramiracetam is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With no schedule associated with them, these brain health supplements are allowed to be purchased, used and possessed by the Americans.

In other countries, such as in major parts of Europe, the legal status of Pramiracetam varies. It is beginning to get incorporated legally in the treatment of health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. However, in the United Kingdom, Pramiracetam is still an unregulated drug and is easy to purchase and use.


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