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Nuvigil (Armodafinil) Benefits, Uses and How Does It Work?

Do you have a hard time staying awake during your work shift?

Are you suffering from a sleeping disorder?

Well, Nuvigil answers all above queries adequately. It is a smart drug having stimulant-like qualities used to treat conditions such as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and hypopnea syndrome.

Approved in 2007 by the FDA, users consume Nuvigil for sleep disorders and improve their wakefulness. People with excessive daytime sleepiness find it hard to concentrate on their day jobs and fall asleep during the normal work hours. This occurrence is more than just fatigue or insufficient sleep at night. It is a health condition that can lead to certain consequences if remains unaddressed for a significant period of time.

Nuvigil Improves Sleep Pattern

Nuvigil Improves Sleep Pattern

Nuvigil is a nootropic drug designed to promote wakefulness in adults. Regulated only a decade ago, Nuvigil is fairly new in the smart drug industry. Despite its recent advent in the market, the drug has become readily popular among its users for its effectiveness and eminent qualities.

Besides its use to improve the sleeping pattern, Nuvigil helps treat conditions such as ADD, ADHD, depression, and schizophrenia. The complete potential of Nuvigil remains undiscovered as there is only limited amount of research available while several clinical trials are under progress. This smart drug promises a huge scope in the field of sleep disorders and mental health conditions.

With limited side effects and consequences, Nuvigil serves as an effective drug option to address not only your sleep-related problems but enhance your cognitive abilities as well. It is a safe drug to boost your brainpower as well. It increases your brain’s alertness and accelerates your cognitive functions without causing any impeding reactions.

This blog post aims to deliver the information pertinent to the benefits of Nuvigil which can help you make your decision regarding the consumption.

What Is Nuvigil?

Nuvigil, essentially, is a brand name for Armodafinil from the –afinil drug family. Also known as Arconite, Armoda, Artvigil, Neoresotyl, R-Modawake, and Waklert, Nuvigil is a powerful agent that promotes wakefulness in the users. It increases energy, improves focus and ensures high alertness among the users.

Existing in white or off-white colored powder, Nuvigil is water soluble. You can acquire it in forms of various sized tablets, depending on their strengths. They vary from round, off-white tablets of 50mg to 250mg oval, white and off-white tablets. There are various dosage levels of Nuvigil, ranging from 50mg tablets to 250mg tablets. The dosage level depends on the condition you want to consume it for.

Nuvigil, medically, gets recommended to treat sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea and hypopnea. Other than these conditions, Nuvigil shows positive results in enhancing cognitive abilities for people suffering from mental health situations such as depression and schizophrenia.

Provigil, also known as Modafinil, is the predecessor of Nuvigil. Both drugs tend to enhance the cognitive abilities and performance of the users, making them a part of the nootropic drug family. Nuvigil’s effects are similar to that of Provigil. However, users find Nuvigil more powerful and effective than that of its predecessor.

Eugeroic Drug
Energy Energy
Cognition Cognition
Motivation Motivation

How It Works:

  • It helps in keeping you awake for a longer period.
  • Helps in boosting the mental strength and performance.
  • It promotes focus and motivation.
Between 50 – 150 mg per day
Generally Well Tolerated

How Does Nuvigil Work?

Armodafinil helps to promote wakefulness

Armodafinil helps to promote wakefulness

The mechanism of action for Nuvigil is quite similar to Provigil. Nuvigil stimulates the brain and keeps it activated to promote wakefulness. Due to lack of research, the exact action mechanism of Nuvigil remains unknown, but the medical scientists assume it may work by manipulating the level of dopamine in the brain. They present an analysis pertaining to the functioning of Nuvigil by saying that the drug may reduce the reuptake of dopamine into the nerves, resulting in an increased level of the chemical neurotransmitter in the brain.

The purpose of dopamine is to facilitate the communication between nerves. When the level of dopamine increases in the brain, the communication between your brain nerves speeds up. This results in enhancing your mental focus, alertness as well as memory. With these three elements working optimally, they ultimately promote wakefulness, allowing you to stay awake and remain aware during daytime or your work shift.

Nuvigil works in the same manner as racetam drugs like Modafinil. Racetam drugs, however, comprise two stereoisomers, R and S. Both stereoisomers exist in equal portions and are responsible to instigate therapeutic effects in the user. In Nuvigil, conversely, there is only one stereoisomer, R, which distinguishes it from Modafinil or Provigil.

Nuvigil impacts the level of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and orexin besides dopamine which results in enhancing the overall cognitive abilities and promotes wakefulness. Its impact on orexin and histamine are the core reasons why it has a positive impact on sleep-related conditions. Both these neurotransmitters are directly responsible for the regulation of sleep and wakefulness cycle, arousal and appetite.

Nuvigil is able to imply changes for conditions such as depression and schizophrenia because of its effects on the neurons in the brain. Increased release of dopamine ensures curbing the depressive disorders and diminishing the negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia.

Top Four Impressive Benefits of Nuvigil

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the usage of Nuvigil for the treatment of serious sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and hypopnea.

However, users also use this drug to boost their cognitive abilities and performance, considering that Nuvigil has a stronger and more powerful impact than other drugs from the Racetam and –afinil family such as Modafinil.

First introduced in 2007, Nuvigil now enjoys wide popularity and acclamation for its positive effects. Here are some top benefits of Nuvigil that makes it highly popular among users.

1. Nuvigil for Narcolepsy

As mentioned previously, if you are suffering from narcolepsy or any similar sleeping condition, Nuvigil is the best-suited drug for you with rare side effects and highly positive results. Though only limited research is available for Nuvigil, they have so far demonstrated promising results, showing the effectiveness of the drug in addressing serious sleeping disorder experiences. People with daytime sleepiness show substantial improvement in their condition and are able to attain increased wakefulness.

2. Nuvigil for Shift Workers

Adjusting to the new timings is exceedingly difficult when you start a new job. This can get further challenging if your sleep cycle differs. Night shifts, for instance, can be really difficult for you if you worked at a day job before, or vice versa.

Users and research report Nuvigil highly effective in both the conditions. If you are facing excessive sleepiness during your work shifts, day or night, Nuvigil can help you overcome your sleepiness, promote wakefulness and boost your cognitive abilities and performance.

3. Treating Symptoms of ADHD

Though FDA approves Nuvigil for the treatment of narcolepsy and its related problems, it also shows positive results for the treatment of mental health conditions such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression and schizophrenia. The impact of Nuvigil on the brain nerves casts a positive impact on memory formation and retention in the patients of such diseases.

4. Nuvigil As Cognitive Enhancer

A major cause of Nuvigil’s success is its ability to enhance the cognitive abilities of the user. Even though this the “off-label” use of the drug, but the positive results it continues to show over the period of time makes it unavoidable. If you suffer from consistent fatigue, lack of focus and inability to remain competent during work, Nuvigil is your smart drug to consult.

What Are The Possible Effects Of Nuvigil?

Due to the dearth of research findings, the exact benefits, effects, and potential of Nuvigil are not known. The lack of understanding regarding the drug also prevails, but the positive results achieved over the time with minimum side effects promise a bright future and scope for Nuvigil.

Nuvigil tends to affect certain neurotransmitters in the brain. These include dopamine, histamine, orexin, serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Having a similar structure as that of Modafinil, or Provigil, clinical researchers assume Nuvigil to have a likewise impact – instigating a positively enhancing effect on the brain.

Although Nuvigil works in the same manner as that of stimulants, it does not cause any adverse effect to the brain. There are no hints of nervousness or discomfort that are otherwise felt during and after the consumption of traditional stimulants.

Nuvigil works in a more natural manner and impacts only the sleepiness and wakefulness factors in the brain. It enables more productivity and mental awareness in the users by merely boosting the communication between the nerves in the brain.

Orexin and histamine are the neurotransmitters responsible for sleepiness and wakefulness. Nuvigil, on entering the brain, activates the neurons responsible for the secretion of orexin hormone. Orexin regulates sleep cycle and controls the elements of arousal and appetite. When Nuvigil activates orexin-secreting hormones, histamine is also released in the brain. Histamine is responsible for the same functions as that of orexin. So, this boosts the overall wakefulness in your body

How Can You Take Nuvigil?

Armodafinil Supplements

Armodafinil Supplements

Nuvigil has multiple levels of dosage that are effective for different purposes. We recommend you to take your doctor’s opinion on the dosage level of Nuvigil if you are planning to use it for your sleep disorders. They can guide you more professionally about what dosage is suitable for your intended purpose.

However, if you plan to consume Nuvigil to overcome the post effects of insomnia or other similar problems, you can follow a dose of 50mg to 250mg and consume it in the morning.

If you are a shift worker, looking to adjust to your new timings and improve your wakefulness, we suggest you keep the Nuvigil dose between 50 and 250mg. Take the prescribed dose an hour before your shift starts.

Timing is of excessive importance when consuming Nuvigil. Taking the dose too late during the day can lead towards an inability to sleep at night as your mind will still be under the influence of the drug. Similarly, starting with higher dose can lead to unpleasant effects. So, always start with the lowest possible dose and then increase it gradually to have optimum results.

If you are aiming to consume Nuvigil for hepatic impairment, your dose should be really low and range between 50 and 150mg.

What Side Effects To Look Out For In Nuvigil?

Nuvigil shows very mild and subtle adverse reactions if any. Their reaction is similar to that of any other nootropic supplement. You are likely to face some discomfort as you start consuming them which is only natural. However, as your body begins to get used to it, the unpleasant feelings and actions vanish away. Here are some side effects that you may encounter after consuming Nuvigil:

  • Nausea-like feeling
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Stomach disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Indigestion
  • Palpitations

These reactions are only temporary. Your body reacts naturally against any new component fed to it. This is why we recommend you to start with the lowest dose and allow your body substantial time to get used to it. This will further minimize the chances of these effects to emerge.

What Users Say About Nuvigil?

Nuvigil is a strong nootropic drug. The clinical reports, as well as the user experience, support this claim. It is more potent than its counterparts and predecessors like Modafinil. Nuvigil is rich in nootropic properties and has a tremendously positive impact on your cognitive abilities besides improving your sleep patterns. Users report a rather constructive experience with Nuvigil and advocate its productive results in terms of narcolepsy, sleep disorders, and cognitive ability enhancement.

However, there are problems reported in the context of acquiring the supply of drugs as Nuvigil remains unavailable in local pharmacies and drug stores. Nuvigil is now accessible worldwide through online dealers that are effectively providing the supplies to the users. You can get your supply through online pharmacies, but make sure you conduct a quality check of the product and validity of the supplier to avoid any unpleasant experiences.

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