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Modafinil Review – Health Benefits & Uses and Dosage Limit

Modafinil Clinical Overview

In an immensely saturated and highly competitive world, there’s always a need to look for ways of accomplishing tasks in such a limited time. There’s not a single task in this world that is easy – it always needs time and a lot of effort. For people who are working in a competitive field, finding ways to improve performance most especially in developing cognitive abilities is a must.

There are lots of helpful supplements nowadays, some are for weight loss while the others are for building muscles. But believe it or not, there are supplements that can help with memory. Modafinil is the most hyped cognitive enhancer and this should be on your list on your next visit to the pharmacy. It is highly effectual for you if you work night shifts, or suffer from narcolepsy. It can keep you active by controlling certain natural substances in the brain that are in control of sleep and wakefulness.

Using Modafinil can stimulate your brain and regulate effective performance. If you have a hard time working odd hours at your new job, Modafinil is the rescue drug that can help you embrace the changed working and sleeping hours more smoothly. If you are aiming to improve your performance professionally and personally, Modafinil can help you with it.

Modafinil Cognitive Enhancer

Modafinil Cognitive Enhancer

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a strong eugeroic stimulant that promotes alertness and wakefulness. It was first developed in the 1980s and is essentially prescribed for treating narcolepsy. It helps the user deal with daytime sleep disorders. Modafinil is also used by individuals for its stimulating effects and positive impact on performance and productivity.

The combined benefits of Modafinil, including wakefulness and enhanced cognitive abilities, make this precise drug an effective supplement for long and mentally challenging tasks. This supplement is used to improve mental performance to gain a more competitive edge.

Modafinil is a smart drug, or a nootropic, that serves as a wakefulness-promoting agent. Contrary to other stimulant drugs, Modafinil is not addictive and has no substantial side effects, making it safer to use.

Modafinil is a well-researched drug that can be used by soldiers and pilots to perform under sleep-deprived situations and satisfactorily perform on physically and mentally demanding activities.

So if your work demands you to work for long hours and require you to execute tough challenges, Modafinil is the go-to drug that can not only keep you alert but can also boost your performance.

However, it is still imperative that you go to your doctor for consultation before taking the drug. One must take into consideration the amount of Modafinil that should be taken accordingly as advised by the doctor to avoid any health issues.

How and When Can You Take Modafinil?

Modafinil for Mental Acuity Pills

Modafinil for Mental Acuity Pills

How much modafinil should you take?

Modafinil can demonstrate immediate results, but you have to be careful in its consumption. You should follow the dosage limit to ensure that no adverse reactions are attained. The recommended daily dose for Modafinil is 200mg, and should not exceed 400mg.

You can schedule the time of consumption bearing in accordance the reason why you are consuming it. If it is for treating narcolepsy, you can take it in the morning. Similarly, if you are aiming to adjust better to your night shift job, you can take it one hour prior to your scheduled work timing. You can take Modafinil with or without food but stick to the recommended dose.

In case of unintentionally missing a dose once, you can take it as soon as you remember. However, if it’s closer to your sleep hours, you can skip the dose.

How Does Modafinil Affect Your Body?

The sleepiness you face in daytime (narcolepsy) is primarily due to lack of orexin. Modafinil nootropics fulfill the need of orexin in your body and help you deal effectively with your sleep disorder. Also, as the communication between the neurons increases, you feel that much more alert.

Modafinil works differently than other stimulants. Instead of targeting the entire nervous system, Modafinil only affects the amygdala and hypothalamus regions and selective neurotransmitters in the brain. This makes it safer to use. Modafinil increases the production of neurotransmitter “orexin” or hypocretin. This neurotransmitter is essentially responsible for wakefulness in your body.

It produces a euphoric-like feeling in the user and this because of Modafinil optimizing the breakdown of dopamine (brain’s chemical to make you feel good) and influences its use to improve the mood of the user and increase focus. Modafinil works on controlling the levels of dopamine in your brain without producing uncomfortable body sensations as other stimulants do.

Ergogenic Drug
Alertness Alertness
Mental Acuity Mental Acuity
Focus Focus

How It Works:

  • Promotes state of wakefulness.
  • Increases motivation, concentration, and energy.
  • Increases the speed of processing in the brain.
200mg-400mg Per day.
Some Reported Side Effects


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Is Modafinial Really the Strongest Smart-Drug Ever?

If you think that Modafinil is similar to any other nootropic then you are definitely wrong. Modafinil is in a league of its own when it comes to smart-drugs. It is certainly not a nootropic because to acquire this you need a written prescription from a doctor.

The reason for that is because Modafinil is probably the strongest smart-drug that you can find in the market today. It contains a wakefulness-promoting substance which grants “superpowers” to the user. These “superpowers” are drastically increased focus and getting rid of sleepiness.

Modainil is often termed as stimulant by many but it definitely isn’t. It can be said however as a performance boosting because of its incredible influence over the brain.

This is why it is mostly recommended to people who work night shifts and those who suffer from narcolepsy. Despite being so strong, Modafinil hardly has any side effects which make the strongest and safest smart-drug ever.

Adrafinil vs. Modafinil vs. Armodafinil

Adrafinil and Armodafinil are from the same drug family as Modafinil. These drugs are specifically designed to help you battle narcolepsy and improve your performance at work or school. Here is a brief comparison of all three drugs:

Modafinil Pills that Help You Focus

Modafinil Pills that Help You Focus


It’s a prescribed drug that helps you improve your focus and promote wakefulness. Aside from treating narcolepsy, Modafinil can be used for treating other health conditions like adult ADHD, and fatigue associated with cancer and combat activities. It can boost your memory and improve your learning abilities.


Adrafinil is also a prescribed medication to treat narcolepsy and improve abilities like focus and alertness. It is essentially derived from Modafinil itself and tends to get metabolized in the liver. Adrafinil is lighter than both Modafinil and Armodafinil. The recommended dose for Adrafinil is 200-400mg, taken once a day. However, Adrafinil is not as effectual and is found promoting hepatotoxicity.


A prescribed drug for narcolepsy patients, Armodafinil is prescribed across the world and is deemed safe to use. Armodafinil gives a similar effect to that of Modafinil, but is stronger and has fewer side effects than Modafinil.

It is more beneficial for people who have a hard time staying up at work and actually fall asleep. Armodafinil, however, does not have a lasting effect as Modafinil. The recommended dose for Armodafinil is 150mg which is to be taken once a day.

6 Surprising Modafinil Health Benefits and Uses

The initial purpose that Modafinil serves is to enhance alertness and wakefulness. It is best-suited for you when you have to work under sleep-deprived conditions and tackle challenges that demand high alertness and mental functioning. When you consume Modafinil, serving as a eugeroic, it takes control of wakefulness and sleep. Other major benefits and uses of Modafinil are discussed underneath:

1.  Lifts Your Mood

Modafinil has the ability to impact the feel good chemical, dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is responsible for enhancing your moods and instigates euphoric feelings. Consuming Modafinil can escalate your excitement to execute a particular task with that much vigor.

Modafinil Long Term Effects

Modafinil Long Term Effects

2.  Good for Night Shift Workers

If you have a night job, or your workplace demands a rotation of shifts around the clock after every few days, Modafinil can help you immensely in adjusting to the new routine better. You can maximize your work productivity without feeling sleepy.

3.  Improves Your Memory and Learning

Modafinil has a significant positive impact on your learning and memory. This is one reason why it is swiftly getting common among students. Modafinil serves in increasing and retaining your cognitive function. It enhances the communication between neurons in your brain and this resultantly improves memory formation.

4.  Helps in Managing Adult ADHD

Modafinil is not just beneficial for treating sleep disorders. It can be used in treatments for several other conditions like adult ADHD. Though this use of Modafinil is still under research, it has shown promising results so far. It can be used as a non-amphetamine option for the treatment of adult ADHD without causing any detrimental risks and side effects.

5.  Can be Used as Anti-Fatigue Agent for Cancer Patients

The quality of life for cancer patients is tremendously affected because of the fatigue and depression that follows the severe condition.

Modafinil has proven to be very effective in addressing cancer-related fatigue and tiredness. Its mood lifting capabilities can induce a little more optimism in patients, helping them deal with depression and nervousness.

6. Helps Deal with Combat Fatigue

Modafinil has extensive military use as well. It can be consumed by forces personnel in the combat environment which requires them to stay highly alert and focused for a prolonged period of time.

They are expected to function under sleep-deprived conditions and with optimal physical and mental performance. Modafinil can be really helpful for soldiers and pilots in executing their duties effectually.

Side Effects You Need to Look Out For in Modafinil

Modafinil, like any other drug, is not completely sans risks and side effects. Contrary to other nootropics, Modafinil is widely researched so its associated health risks are well-known. It is a very safe drug to use and it is like that you will encounter no side effects at all.

Two Nominal Side Effects of Modafinil

Here are some adverse effects that you might experience while using this precise nootropic drug:

  • Headaches, wakefulness, dizziness and a runny or stuffy nose.

These side effects are usually non-threatening as Modafinil “modifies” how the brain operates, it signals how it works in double. It usually depends upon the dosage and it usually has very low affected the mood and causes rare adverse effects.

  • Rash, itching/swelling (especially of face/tongue/throat), skin blisters/peeling, severe dizziness, trouble breathing

These are known side-effects are known to be serious. If such symptoms appear, this could only mean one thing – that the user is allergic to the dosage of Modafinil and the intake should be lowered in amount. But this rarely happens since Modafinil focuses on stimulating the brain, not the body.

It is normal for a person to feel these effects (aside from allergies) since Modafinil is manipulating the brain and how it works. When such adverse effects show, this would only mean that the body is slowly improving and adjusting; most specifically that as Modafinil enhances the brain, it also “work” to energize the entire nervous system.

Where Can You Buy Modafinil and Review?

Modafinil is essentially a prescription drug and you can purchase it from a nearby pharmacy. You can also buy Modafinil online. There are several trustworthy sites from where you can purchase your supply. However, it is not necessary that you have your prescription to successfully purchase Modafinil online.

Modafinil Review

After thorough research and reading all the positive reviews online about Modafinil online, I finally decided to give it a go. I ordered Modafinil online which you legally can without a prescription and I was very excited on the day I received it.

I place the pills on my bed side went to sleep at night. After waking up at 6 am in the morning I immediately took one pill and went back to bed again. After just 20 minutes of rolling around I finally accepted that I cannot sleep so I turned on my laptop and started working.

It seemed like a normal morning, I had my coffee and breakfast and then got back to work again. However, it only felt like I was working for a few moments but when I looked at the clock it was 11 am already. I never had this much focus on work ever before in my life.

Anyway I got through my day with incredible high energy and in the evening when I usually feel tired I was still going stronger than ever. Modafinil had provided me with superhuman energy and focus that I have never experienced before. The best thing about this amazing drug is that it is not addictive as other nootropics and it certainly doesn’t have any major side effects.


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