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L-Lysine Review – Health Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage

Overview of L – Lysine

L – Lysine is an essential amino acid crucial for several body functions. This compound has many positive effects on body health.
It is one of the vital amino acids that your body cannot produce naturally. This explains why you need to consume it from food sources or nutritional supplements. Foods including legumes, such as red meat, eggs, milk, peas, beans, nuts, lentils, cheese, sardines, and other high protein foods are rich in L – Lysine.

In case you fail to consume enough of this amino acid, you may develop a deficiency resulting in health complications, like loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, agitation, slow growth, anemia, bloodshot eyes, and even reproductive issues.

The main functions of L – Lysine involve the absorption of calcium in the body and the formation of collagen, a substance crucial for bones, tendons, cartilage, skin, and other connective tissues. In addition to this, it ensures proper physical growth and produces carnitine, a vital nutrient that converts fatty acids into energy and reduces blood cholesterol levels.

Considering the functions of L – Lysine in the body, people use this amino acid as a supplement for its nootropic properties. It helps in relieving anxiety, boosting focus and attention, and promoting mental clarity.

Some studies suggest that it may also prove helpful in improving information processing, long-term and short-term memory, concentration capacity, reasoning, and executive mental function.

Furthermore, user reviews indicate that it can enhance mood and lower stress levels.

L-Lysine Immune System Booster

L-Lysine Immune System Booster

How to Take L – Lysine: The Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of L -Lysine depends on your weight and your reason for taking it.

How much l lysine can i take?

For an individual who is older than 13 years of age and is in the best state of his health, an appropriate dosage means 12 mg per kilogram of his body weight. So, an individual who weighs 70 kg should consider taking not more than 840 mg of L- Lysine per day. However, this would only be suitable for capsules and not powder because, with powder, it would clearly be impractical to get the exact amount.

How much lysine can you take in one day?

When it comes to the reason for its use, if you want to treat herpes or other infections, you should consider taking higher doses – as high as 3000 mg to 9000 mg each day depending on the severity of the outbreak. Moreover, for preventing relapses, you might want to consider the recommended dosage of 1000 mg thrice a day.

Many users find L – Lysine’s taste to be a bit off so we would suggest that you mix some amino acid flavoring into it to help with this.

Amino Acid
Immunity Immunity
Skin Skin
Longevity Longevity

How It Works:

  • It’s great in promoting antibody and boosts immunity.
  • Makes your skin and bones healthy.
  • Promotes hormone balance and tissue repair.
recommended dosage of 1000 mg thrice a day.
Rated Possibly Safe

How Does L – Lysine Work in the Human Body?

Although the mechanism of action of L – Lysine seems somewhat complex to the researchers, there are some theories that have put forward some acceptable explanations.

Theories suggest that it works by helping to inhibit the action of another amino acid called Arginine. And this mode of action is what makes it an effective supplement for the treatment of herpes simplex virus.

What does L – Lysine do for your body?

The supplement absorbs through the intestinal tract and is relatively fast-acting. It promotes the absorption of calcium within the intestines while also helping eliminate its renal excretion.

Moreover, some studies suggest that L – Lysine may also work as a limiting agent and thus, help in the digestion of food proteins. Not only this, it may also play an important role in the inhibition of the actions of some lipoproteins, particularly low-density lipoproteins. Since these substances attack the sources of muscular energy in the body and increase blood pressure levels, causing strokes and heart attacks, L – Lysine serves as a great benefit.

6 Scientific Effects and Uses of L – Lysine

Following is a list of some beneficial effects and uses of L – Lysine.

1. Diabetes

Early research indicates that L – Lysine supplementation can help in reducing blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes.

2. Canker sores

How much lysine to take for cold sores?

There is evidence that a daily dose of about 500 mg of L – Lysine helps prevent canker sores and a dose up to 4000 mg per day decreases the length of canker sores.

Canker Sore Prevention with Lysine

Canker Sore Prevention with Lysine

3. Bed Sores

Patients with serious bed sores seem to benefit greatly from this amino acid.

Research indicates that the application of a specific cream that contains L – Lysine over the affected areas reduces bed sores in hospitalized individuals.

4. Stress

Eating wheat containing added L -Lysine helps in reducing anxiety and stress in both men and women.

5. Muscle strength

A study found that young men who took 80 mg per kilogram of this supplement as a part of their daily diet over a period of 8 weeks experienced a significant improvement in the muscle strength of their forearm by as much as 7.5%.

6. Schizophrenia

The oral consumption of L -Lysine supplements seems to help with schizophrenia symptoms in patients taking antipsychotic drugs. One study found that taking three small doses of this supplement daily for 8 weeks improved the symptoms by about 34% in patients who were not properly responding to the traditional drug medication.

How does L – Lysine help cold sores?

Taking L – Lysine as soon as you experience the first signs of a cold sore may inhibit the virus and keep the blister from developing further.

The virus that causes a cold sore is called herpes virus and it requires the amino acid arginine for its replication. What L – Lysine does is that it blocks the absorption of arginine and hence, helps treat cold sores.

One study found that people who took three L – Lysine doses of 1000 mg each on a daily basis for six months developed fewer cold sores – and even the ones that they did develop were not severe and temporary.

9 Amazing Health Benefits of L -Lysine

As far as the health benefits of L – Lysine are concerned, there are several including:

1. Herpes treatment

An amino acid called Arginine is responsible for causing Herpes or cold sores. Since L –Lysine and Arginine are antagonistic amino acids, high levels of one lead to lower levels of the other. This explains how L – Lysine supplementation may help in suppressing the growth of Herpes simplex virus.

2. Promotes the formation of collagen

You must already know the importance of collagen in building bones, cartilage, and other connective tissues in the body. L – Lysine not only helps in collagen formation but also prevents the breakdown and excessive excretion of collagen.

3. Relieves anxiety

This supplement can block the receptors of the feel-good hormone serotonin and partially prevent anxiety responses, like diarrhea. Moreover, schizophrenic patients experience a significant reduction in anxiety-like symptoms upon combining L – Lysine with traditional therapy.

4. Reduces diabetes complications

Diabetes can cause health complications, such as damage to the eyes and nerve cells. L –Lysine can prevent glycation – the addition of glucose to blood proteins, and hence, save them the damage.

5. Promotes insulin secretion and lowers blood glucose levels

This supplement also affects the insulin and glucagon levels. A study found that it reduces the blood glucose level and increased the concentration of insulin and glucagon in individuals.

6. Reduces pancreatic inflammation

One animal study found that L – Lysine reduced the severity of pancreatic injuries by suppressing inflammation and producing antioxidant effects.

7. Improves heart function

Low-density cholesterol (LDL) disrupts the blood flow to the heart, increasing the risk of heart attack. L – Lysine by producing bodily carnitine helps the body utilize fatty acids and LDL.

In addition to this, combining this supplement with vitamin C lowers the level of lipoprotein-a (LPL) in the blood, which is a carrier of LDL. The lower the LPL levels, the lower the risk for heart disease.

8. Strengthens the bones

In one study, the groups who received L – Lysine supplements experienced improved bone strength. Also, they absorbed more and excreted less calcium through urine. This suggests that individuals may use this supplement for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

9. Promotes physical growth

L – Lysine together with Arginine stimulates the human growth hormone. This means that lack of this amino acid can result in the reduction of physical and mental growth.

Lysine Pills for Cold Sores

Lysine Pills for Cold Sores

Possible Side Effects of L – Lysine

You must be wondering if there are any potential side effects of L –Lysine. Well, thankfully, this supplement is perfectly safe for use and most users tolerate it well. However, the key to enjoying its benefits without experiencing any adverse effects is taking the right dosage.
In case you take a higher than the recommended dose of this supplement, you may face certain side effects. On the brighter side, these effects are minor and go away on their own with time.

With L – Lysine intake, there are chances that it may produce a bad reaction with Arginine by reducing its level to an alarming extent. This may result in increased levels of blood cholesterol and triglyceride. Hence despite a good safety profile of the supplement, you should always be careful with its dosage. Furthermore, it is better to consult your doctor before taking the supplement to avoid any negative consequences.

User Reviews of L – Lysine

Given its nootropic benefits, it is not a surprise that majority of the user reviews of L – Lysine are positive.

Users, both healthy and otherwise report experiencing a massive boost in their cognitive abilities – it is certainly a promising candidate for a brain supplement regimen. Users also find it effective for treating issues related to bone and skin. Athletes also prefer using it as a workout supplement to enhance muscle building.

Given the importance and benefits of this amino acid and not to mention its safe supplementation, you should consider consuming an L – Lysine rich diet or take it in supplement form to provide your body what it needs to function at an optimal level!

Where to Buy A Good-Quality L-Lysine Supplement

Health Benefits of Lysine Supplements

Health Benefits of Lysine Supplements

If you are considering supplying your body with the essential amino acid through supplementation, you would want to get your hands on a high-quality supplement. There are a number of online vendors that sell L – Lysine supplement at quite reasonable prices with a guarantee of quality.

Buying an L – Lysine supplement online will not only save your time but also the effort of going down to the pharmacy or a medical store. Hence, be tech-savvy and consider finding an online vendor that is credible enough to trust and place your order while sitting at home. Once the order is confirmed, all you would have to do is wait for it to be deliveredto your home.

Buying an L- Lysine supplement from an online store is perhaps the most convenient option and you do not even have to compromise on the quality!

What Results Can You Expect?

Immune system improvement, relief from mouth ulcers and cold sores, improvement in the skin appearance, and better physical performance are a few things that users can expect from L – Lysine supplementation.

L –Lysine is an essential amino acid necessary for optimal health and proper functioning of our body. It produces collagen, converts fat into energy, regulates cholesterol levels, and produces antibodies in the immune system.

While a healthy, balanced diet may supply you with enough L – Lysine, supplementation is a good way of making sure your nutritional needs are met.

Many people who want to improve their body’s resistance to viral infections and prevent or reduce cold sores caused by the Herpes Simplex virus take L – Lysine supplement.

Since L – Lysine boosts the production of collagen, taking this supplement is likely to have beneficial effects on the health of hair, skin, and nails. This supplement may also help in reducing anxiety and stress levels in both men and women.

The bottom line is that L – Lysine supplement offers great benefits for the overall health without any major risk for a side effect. This explains why it is one of the most popular and trusted supplement.

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