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Get a Supplement for Review

Are you sure your supplement is as effective as you say? If so, then we’d be more than willing to test it out and verify it for you. We provide highly comprehensive and objective reviews for supplements including the ones in the market and those that are still being developed. By sending us an email or filling out the contact form, you can pitch your products to us without hassle. Just make sure you include the following details:

  • Best photo
  • Basic description (including Uses)
  • Effects (Pros and possible cons or risks)

What to send

In order to deliver the most substantial information to our readers, we require that you send information for the actual products our readers can purchase on the market, including all that’s stated in the description. The same applies to products that are yet to be released. You must notify us if the product is in development or is in beta phase.

Also include:

  • Use and Dosage guide
  • Contact information for PR
  • Product Full Info

What we do with your products

You must know that not all products can fit our editorial schedule, so not all products can be guaranteed a review. But fret not! We usually keep pitches and products for at least 60 days. For a thorough review to be written, the product will go through both intensive and extensive review processes. It’ll be tested by our experts. The review can be in the form of a product mention on our blog or a full review with only your product featured. This is going to be decided according to the discretion of our editorial team. We request that you provide high-quality photos only as this will be used for the product video feature for the product overview.

If you have any questions you can always contact us!