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Role of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) Neurotransmitter function in Brain

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid Overview

Gamma Amino Buytric Acid Function

Gamma Amino Buytric Acid Function

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid is a neurotransmitter that works by counteracting the effects of excitatory neuro-chemicals in the brain. It was first synthesized in 1883; however, at the time, researchers believed that it does not meet the criteria of a neurotransmitter. It was not until 1968 that they found definite proof that GABA is not merely a depressant but a true neurotransmitter.

Today, GABA is the center of a substantial amount of research. Scientists are just scraping the surface of uncovering the benefits of this amazing neurotransmitter and we are already blown away by its numerous advantages. Low levels of GABA are generally linked to Epilepsy, Chronic pains and mood disorders like anxiety. Like any other amino acid, GABA is essential to a healthy brain and a sound mind.

When talking about GABA, it is more important to realize what it prevents in the brain rather than trying to highlight what it stimulates. Basically, it prevents the overstimulation in your brain and helps you in attaining a feeling of emotional balance.

The rewarding effects of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid make it a popular supplement choice. People are highly interested in adding a GABA supplement to their daily diet. Nowadays, they are widely used to deal with a number of conditions including anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Scroll down to read all you need to know about GABA and decide for yourself how you can benefit from it!

What is Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid?

GABA is a chemical that is naturally produced in your brain. It helps in controlling anxiety and fear that is induced when neurons become overexcited. It is a neurotransmitter that sends messages in the brain and effectively regulates the communication in your brain cells.

To put it simply, GABA is a chemical that is crucial to your overall mental health. It plays an important role in deciding how your body reacts to stress and helps in maintaining healthy cognition and behavior. Low levels of GABA in your brain can induce anxiety, sleep disorders, depression and can even result in a seizure. Research shows that it is also linked to schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease. Even slight deficiencies will cause headaches or mood swings.

GABA is an important neurotransmitter that is produced in your brain in large quantities. Its importance to the overall health of your brain cannot be emphasized enough.

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What does GABA Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid do?

GABA Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid do

GABA Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid do

To understand the purpose of GABA in your brain, you first must be familiar with neurotransmitters. A neurotransmitter is simply a chemical that passes messages between neurons in the brain. GABA works by blocking these messages. It helps in inhibiting or reducing nerve impulses, consequently, improving mood and creating a calming effect.

It has a healthy tranquilizing effect on the brain and stimulates the production of endorphins. In case you are unaware, endorphins are a group of hormones that are secreted in the brain and activates the bodies’ opiate receptors. This causes an analgesic effect that counteracts not only stress but also the pain.

Interesting 7 Benefits of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

GABA is crucial to the functioning of your brain because it has a number of health benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting benefits of GABA.

1. How to Relieves Anxiety

Research shows that certain anxiety disorders are related to the decreased levels of GABA. A study in the American Journal of Psychiatry revealed that people with panic disorders have an impaired GABA response. This confirms a direct link between anxiety and lowered levels of GABA in the brain.

GABA relieves anxiety by reducing nerve excitability which in turn, reduces the feeling of fear and anxiety. GABA works so well for anxiety because it has a soothing effect that is a natural remedy for anxiety.

2. Reduces Depression

Thanks to its anti-depressant effects, GABA makes an excellent alternative method for treating depression.  The Department of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine studied the effects of GABA on depression and found that GABA levels increase significantly after patients struggling with depression underwent electroconvulsive therapy.

3. Decreases Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can contribute to a number of serious diseases including arthritis, heart problems, and even cancer. It has been found that GABA can help in decreasing inflammation. The Journal of Neuroinflammation suggested that GABA can effectively reduce the activities of a pathway that may be causing joint inflammation. Moreover, some studies suggest that GABA can reduce the risk and even prevent the development of rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Decrease Symptoms of ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that affects children as well as adults. The most common symptoms of ADHD include lack of attention, a decreased attention span, hypersensitivity and hyperactivity.

GABA is sometimes used to decrease the symptoms of ADHD in individuals and help them in improving their focus and attention span. Taking GABA supplement along with the traditional therapy for ADD and ADHD can have extraordinary results.

5. Alleviate Symptoms of PMS

The symptoms of PMS include fatigue, irritation, sensitivity, mood swings and food craving. These symptoms occur in women usually between the start of the ovulation and menstrual bleeding. Studies show that GABA can relieve the symptoms of PMS. This neurotransmitter can act as a natural painkiller by producing endorphins in the brain. It also helps to alleviate the cramp pains.

6. Boost Levels of Growth Hormones

Human growth hormone comes with a number of benefits like a lower risk of heart diseases, stronger bones, and muscle strengths. A deficiency in this hormone can slow down the bodily growth in children. It can induce conditions like delayed puberty, insulin resistance, sexual dysfunctional, increased risk of developing heart diseases and even depression.

GABA can effectively increase the level of Human growth hormones. A study showed that following the supplementation with GABA, the growth hormone can increase up to 400%. Moreover, GABA makes you resistant to exercise which also helps in naturally increasing the growth hormones.

7. A remedy for Sleep Disorders

GABA helps in dealing with sleep disorders like insomnia. The sedative and soothing effects of GABA naturally induce sleep in people who struggle to fall asleep. GABA is so effective for insomnia because it clears your mind by reducing nerve excitability.

It is estimated that almost 30% of adults face difficulty in falling asleep but you don’t need to worry because a GABA supplement is the perfect remedy for your sleep disorders.

How Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Works?

GABA supplements clearly have a number of advantages; however, oral GABA supplements do not reach the brain in large enough quantities. This happens because when it is ingested as a supplement, the chemical regulates in the blood but it is unable to cross into the cerebral cortex in your brain. The supplement becomes useless if it cannot reach the cortex.

For this reason, some people consider the GABA supplement to be ineffective. On the other hand, there are many positive user reports. Research has developed a few theories to explain why GABA works well for some people while others find it ineffective.

The most obvious answer might be the placebo effect. It is believed that people feel calm and their mood is elevated after taking a GABA supplement simply because they believe that their supplement is helping them. The human mind works in mysterious ways so placebo effect may actually make you feel better.

Another theory suggests that GABA works for some people due to the difference in blood-brain barrier permeability of individuals. Some people have a “leaky blood-brain barrier” that allows the supplement GABA to effectively reach the cerebral cortex. Hence, allowing it to be effective.

It is also possible that the effectiveness of GABA supplements is linked to the enteric nervous system. An enteric nervous system is the set of neurons that govern the gastrointestinal tracts. This theory suggests that although the supplement does not enter the brain directly, it interacts with the receptors in the enteric nervous system consequently causing mental effects.

All of these theories are backed up by the current scientific knowledge about the GABA supplements. Moreover, hundreds of positive reviews cannot be overlooked. Irrespective of how it works, there is no denying that GABA supplements can work wonders for some people.

Side Effects of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Drowsiness of Gamma Amino Butyric acid

Drowsiness of Gamma Amino Butyric acid

GABA that is produced naturally in the brain has absolutely no side effects but introducing supplement GABA in your diet may cause some. These side effects are usually mild and negligible. The most common side effects may include rapid heartbeat or mild itchiness. You may also face some trouble in breathing or feel drowsy. The drowsiness is often proportional to your dosage.

Sometimes these side effects are caused simply because you are yet to set the optimal dose of GABA. More often than not, side effects are an outcome of the imbalance that GABA supplements can create in your body. Whatever the case may be, the side effects of GABA are a negligible cost for the significantly awarding effects that it may have on your overall mental health.

GABA supplements are safe for most people. They have no serious risk or side effects but it is still advisable to avoid consuming GABA supplements if you are either pregnant or a breastfeeding mother. The reason for discouraging the use of GABA supplement is that its effects are yet to be studied in these individuals. Although a number of studies have been carried out, researchers are yet to reach a verdict.

Effects of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

GABA has numerous benefits. Let’s look at how it can affect your daily life.

  • GABA works great for panic attacks and effectively quells rapid thought process that is generally related to the clinical anxiety.
  • It positively affects people who suffer from drug addictions because it can help them go through the withdrawal phase. In fact, research shows that the presence of GABA in the brain is what compels a person to work on quitting g hard drugs in the first place.
  • You may want to consider taking a GABA supplement if you wish to go to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow because it creates ideal sleeping conditions is another effect of GABA supplements.
  • The tranquilizing effects of GABA make it a good option for treating epileptic attacks.
  • Some studies suggest that there might be a possible link between GABA and blood pressure. It is known to lower the blood pressure but researchers are yet to confirm it.
  • GABA not only stimulate the unwanted firing of neurons in the brain, but it also overlooks the nerve connections to the muscles and glands, therefore, it is beneficial for boosting the production of growth hormones in athletes and bodybuilders. Moreover, it increases the tolerance to exercise so that you can easily achieve your body goals.
  • Since GABA can regulate and produce endorphins, it helps significantly in reducing the effects of PMS and helps in relieving cramps. A stable mood is an added bonus to help fight the mood swings associated with PMS!
  • When we talk about GABA, we automatically think about anxiety and mental health but its effects on the immune system are a less known health benefit. It can successfully reduce the autoimmune response in the patients of rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers are still working on figuring out the effects of GABA and how we can put it to use against autoimmune diseases.
  • Another interesting benefit of GABA is its effect on the pancreas. It is known to protect and rejuvenate the pancreas and helps in regenerating insulin production, insulin secretion, and overall blood sugar regulation. Although the effects of GABA on diabetes are still understudies, the results are very promising.

There is no doubt that the GABA neurotransmitter is crucially important for your brain and GABA supplements will help you maintain a healthy and emotionally stable life. So go ahead and try out this neurotransmitter supplement to see for yourself how it changes your life for the better!


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