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Lucid Dreams Pills: How Galantamine and Choline Bitartrate Work for Lucid Dreams?

He was walking down an empty street. It was dark here but he could see light at the end of the street. As he walked further, he realized that he shouldn’t be walking. It was probably about 3 in the morning. He should be at home at this hour, fast asleep.

It was only after a moment that he was struck by the realization that he was asleep and dreaming!

The moment he was aware of this, he knew exactly where to go. He went straight for the street that led to his high school. Only if he took the next left, he would find himself standing right in front of the school’s front gates.

Surely, he stood facing his high school building in the next few minutes.

He remembered his beautiful high school sweetheart Dorothy. There she was! As he thought about her, she came out of the shadows walking towards him exactly the way she used to.

He spent almost an hour with her before waking up in the middle of the night, back in his home…

That’s how lucid dreams work!

You are completely aware of them and in fact, you can even control them. You just need one moment to realize that you’re living a dream. After that moment, you can control everything that happens in the dream. You can be the President of any country in the world. You can have your dream partner. You can live your desired life in your dreams.

You can do just about anything!

Lucid dreams most commonly occur in children below the age of sixteen years. Adults, who are occupied with the responsibilities of daily life, don’t have a lot of lucid dreams because they are exhausted and can’t dictate happenings in their dreams.

But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to experience them!

You can induce lucid dreams with the help of the best supplements in the market. Choline and Galantamine are your number one option for inducing vivid, lucid dreams!

The above-mentioned synthetic supplements can work miracles for your memory, mental clarity and focus, in addition to inducing lucid dreams. Both these supplements follow a singular pathway in the brain. They increase the transmission of acetylcholine when they are combined together.

As a result, you sleep better and you can experience lucid dreams at will.

How Does Galantamine Give You Lucid Dreams?

The supplement Galantamine comes from the plant Galanthus Caucasus. It is a type of alkaloid produced by a specific species of flowers. It is a popular synthetic nootropic in the world, famous for its ability to increase concentration, mental abilities and even for inducing lucid dreams. It enhances perception and makes colors and images vivid so your brain can create high visibility dreams.

By regular intake of this supplement, you will be able to control the occurrence of events in your dreams.

Galantamine positively affects acetylcholine in your brain. It is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for communicating chemical messages from one neuron to another. These messages direct your brain to carry out several functions. Your memory, attention, focus and dreaming processes are all based on the transmission of acetylcholine.

AcetylCholine breaks down further so it can be recycled and reused by the body. An enzyme called acetylCholinesterase is responsible for breaking it down into small parts. Galantamine inhibits acetylcholinesterase to make sure that acetylCholine transmission increases in the brain.

As this transmission boosts up, so does your ability to concentrate better. You can make your brain focused through this supplement!

Consequently, your memories become stronger. Your brain’s activity increases manifold. You will feel an improvement in the section of your brain which is responsible for the synthesis of dreams.

You won’t find a better supplement that Galantamine for inducing lucid dreams.

Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor
Memory Cognition
Mental Function Mental Function
Neuro- protective Neuro- protective

How It Works:

  • It helps in improving mental and memory functions.
  • Constrains the production of acetylcholinesterase enzyme in the brain.
  • It promotes brain cell health and boost your concetration.
Between 4 – 24 mg per day
Rated Possibly Safe

What’s the Role of Choline Bitartrate for Inducing Lucid Dreams?

Increase in acetylCholine neurotransmission is the only thing that makes your brain stronger.

While Galantamine helps in boosting the transmission of acetylcholine, Choline helps in enhancing its production.

Choline is absolutely necessary for transporting fats in the body. These fats help in increasing metabolism. They construct and maintain cell membranes in the body, especially in the brain.

Cell membranes play a key role in transmitting acetylCholine from one neuron to another.

A Choline deficiency results in less effective acetylCholine. Most people who are deficient in Choline suffer from Alzheimer’s. They lose their memories with age or development of illness.

When you add Choline in your regular diet, acetylCholine levels will automatically increase in your body. You will be able to focus better, enhance your memory and even induce lucid dreaming in your sleep.

Choline is found in Vitamin B complex. However, if you want to opt for natural sources for increasing Choline in your body, you should eat foods like egg yolks, beef, chicken, soy or veal etc.
However, taking it in supplement form is a much better option for creating sufficient acetylCholine.

Although both Galantamine and Choline help in boosting acetylcholine in your brain, taking them individually wouldn’t help in inducing lucid dreams. Sure, they would sharpen your memory and the remaining functions of your brain. But you won’t be able to have lucid dreams.

For that reason, you must take both these supplements together.

What Happens When you Take Galantamine and Choline Together?

Quite simply, Galantamine helps in keeping acetylCholine from breaking down by counteracting the enzyme known as acetylCholinesterase. Simultaneously, Choline helps in producing acetylcholine. Both of these functions work together to improve brain functioning.

The stronger your brain is, the easier it is to induce lucidity in it.

The combined action of Galantamine and Choline helps you in remembering your dreams after you wake up from them.

When used together, they assist in improving cognitive processing, increasing capacity for learning, and enhancing your attention span. Basically, they work together to improve the overall health of the brain.

In the U.S., this combination has been used in several clinical trials conducted for reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Patients can feel clarity in their thoughts after consuming a combination of the two drugs. The progression of the disease automatically slows down when you start taking Galantamine and Choline on a daily basis.

When you take both Galantamine and Choline at the same time, your sleep becomes more comfortable and you can experience enhanced lucidity in your dreams. Colors, images, perceptions; they all become sharper. It feels like living in virtual reality while you are dreaming.

This lucidity increases to the point where you can actually control what happens next to your dreams. Most people drift from one scene to another while they’re dreaming. They have zero control over what will occur to the next.

However, when you’re taking Galantamine and Choline supplements, your dreams become fluid in a sense where you get to control the next scene.

You just have to trigger your awareness while you’re dreaming. The second your brain registers the fact that you’re inside a dream, you can totally control it!

For instance, you begin dreaming about something that happened at your workplace during the day. Halfway through your workplace incident, you realize that you have already been through this scenario during the day. Right now, you’re just reliving a memory from that time through a dream!

The second you realize that you will be able to control what happens next in that incident. You can change the whole situation and come out victorious in an argument! You can dream to get support from the person you had been expecting to give you support. You can even alter the whole dream and decide to leave work for partying at your girlfriend’s place!

Not only that, you can live your wildest fantasies for as long as you like! You can have sex with your favorite model, drink as much alcohol as possible without affecting your liver and you can murder the person you absolutely hate without getting convicted for it!

With lucid dreams, induced through the combination of Galantamine and Choline, you can release all your frustrations. You can do everything in your dreams that would be unethical or immoral in real life. What’s more? No one would ever find out what you did and you will be able to let your anger and grief out without hurting another soul.

You can also use lucidity to gain clarity in your ideas. You often face a mental block but you don’t know how to get rid of it. In any case, a mental block becomes a problem when you are in a creative or otherwise demanding job.
You can come to many conclusions in your dreams by using lucidity. Even during the time you’re asleep, your body is resting and your mind is gaining strength for the next day, your lucid dreams would give you the solution you had been looking for all day!

How Safe Is It to Use Galantamine and Choline for Creating Lucidity?

Since both Galantamine and Choline can also be obtained from natural sources, neither one of these supplements has any harmful effects on the body or the brain.

You can feel absolutely safe while using both these drugs in combination. They will only have positive effects.

However, you must be careful about the dosage and timing of both the drugs to make sure they work properly.

Galantamine is generally available in the form of powder in the market. You can purchase it online in bulk and keep a stack with yourself to continue the dosage for at least a few months. You should take minimum 4 mg of the powder at the beginning. As your body gets used to it, you can increase the dosage up to 20 mg.

Choline is available in the form of tablets. You can either take 200mg or 300 mg tablets per day to make sure your body responds to the combination of these two drugs appropriately.

In addition, you should also be careful about the timing of taking these supplements to ensure their safe consumption.

Many people make the mistake of taking them right before they sleep. They think that it would help them induce lucid dreams if they took it right before bed. However, they couldn’t be more wrong!

When you take them before bed, you slip into an uneasy sleep which doesn’t cultivate any dreams. In fact, your sleep gets disrupted because of increased brain activity. Lack of relaxation results in utter sleeplessness and you end up suffering from more mental health issues than before.
The recommended timing for taking these supplements is during the day. Take their combination after meals every day for a gradual progression in your mental abilities and lucidity in your dreams.

However, if you want to jump right into a lucid dream with an abrupt boost, you can this combination after sleeping 5 hours into the night. Wake up after 5 hours, take these supplements and go back to sleep!

They will work like magic and you will slip into a lucid dream!

Always remember that the safer option is to use them after meals during the day.

Are There Any Side Effects of Galantamine and Choline?

To be fair, consumption of both these supplements almost never report any side effects. However, rarities exist everywhere.

Everyone’s body is designed in a different way. Some people face zero side effects, while others feel a few harmless effects which wear off quickly.

Whatever side effects have been reported from the consumption of Galantamine and Choline, they have been classified as minor and do not linger on for more than a few days.

Some of the common side effects include allergic reactions such as redness on the skin, development of hives or a little bit of swelling. If any of these side effects seem to stay for more than a month, you should consult with your physician immediately. Only continue using the supplements after getting advice from your physician.

Other common side effects may be nausea, distress, nervousness, dizziness or headaches. Most of these happen because you made a mistake with the dosage of the supplements. When your dosage is correct, you shouldn’t experience any of the above-mentioned side effects.
Likewise, you can experience many of these side effects when your timing for taking them is flawed. A lot depends on your timing and your dosage. When both these things have been taken care of properly, you won’t feel any side effects at all.

Galantamine and Choline are two of the most effective natural sources for improving your mental health. People have been using them for years to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s, increase memory strength and enhance mental abilities. In the form of supplements, their effects are more pronounced and produced in a short period of time.

Get the best supplements in town to turn the most important part of your body into your biggest strength! Boost your brain health with Galantamine and Choline stacks and experience lucidity in your dreams like never before!

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