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User Review of How GABA Reduce Depression and Improve Their Mood

A vast majority of people have never heard of GABA, let alone have information on what it does to your body. If you suffer from chronic anxiety and/or insomnia, you should know that this useful neurotransmitter can be of immense help for your conditions.

As a general method of treatment for anxiety and insomnia, doctors prescribe medications that boost the activity of this important neurotransmitter in the brain. Anti-anxiety drugs including Benzodiazepines stimulate the activity of GABA receptors which helps soothe nerves. As a result, anxiety levels lower down.

GABA Pills helps to reduce anxiety

GABA Pills helps to reduce anxiety

Another medicine that contains GABA is a popular sleeping pill – Ambien. It elevates the activity of GABA, providing calming effects to the user. This is how the medication effectively relieves consumers of GABA from insomnia.

One of the many reasons behind the inability to sleep or constant feelings of anxiety is the over-stimulated nervous system. An autistic child might suffer from an epileptic seizure or a schizophrenic hallucination due to an over-stimulated brain.

The reason why people suffer from these conditions is due to low levels of GABA in their system. This is precisely why doctors recommend GABA-based antidepressants and tranquilizers to produce more GABA in your body.

In addition to preventing insomnia, depression, and anxiety, recent research concludes that GABA may also be effective in elevating levels of growth hormone. This is hormone reduces the risk of cardiac concerns, increases muscle growth, and aids in weight loss. However, people mostly prefer GABA supplements for boosting their overall mental health. What encourages people to take this supplement is the fact that it is safe with minimal side-effects which include skin blushing or skin tingling.

If you’re taking medication for depression, anxiety, and insomnia already, it is better to first consult the doctor before starting the supplementation of GABA. Also, women that are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid the intake of GABA.

GABAergic Supplement
Mood Mood
Sleep Sleep
Body- building Body- building

How It Works:

  • It improves anxiety and sleep
  • Aids weight loss and improves the HGH levels
  • It has anxiolytic effects that help in reduce stress
250-1500 mg Per day
Rated Likely Safe

Introduction of GABA

GABA is a short form of Gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is a neurotransmitter that helps send signals/messages from the brain to the nervous system and vice versa. How is GABA produced? It is produced in the brain with the help of a chemical compound – glutamate. The active form of vitamin B6 and the enzyme glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) converts glutamate into GABA.

The main function of GABA is to reduce the continuous activity of nerve cells in the nervous system. The heightened and overworked nervous system can eventually result in conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress.

A tired brain also leads to the deficiency of GABA. Due to low levels of Gamma-aminobutyric acid, it is likely for you to suffer from severe mental problems. GABA helps to reduce nerve excitability, which is often linked to feelings of stress and anxiety.

People who suffer from anxiety disorders often have an impaired GABA response. A study in the American Journal of Psychiatry concluded that those suffering from an anxiety disorder have decreased levels of GABA.

As stated, GABA can relieve you from insomnia and a 2015 study supports that statement. The study showed that participants that took GABA supplements were able to fall asleep quickly as compared to those who didn’t take the supplement at all.

The GABA neurotransmitter also plays a key role in treating depression. In fact, studies show that GABA levels often elevate after depression is cured. A study from the Department of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine concluded that people who underwent electroconvulsive therapy for depression displayed increased levels of GABA following the treatment.

Although taking GABA supplements is an excellent way to cure depression, there are some natural remedies as well for depression such as exercising, intake of vitamin D, indulging in yoga etc.

GABA supplements also help relieve the symptoms of PMS as well. A few symptoms of PMS include mood swings, fatigue, and excessive food cravings. These symptoms are likely to occur in women during the start of menstruation. Studies show that GABA acts as a “natural pain reliever” which helps in the mechanism of cramps.

Chronic inflammation can contribute to harmful illnesses like cancer, health diseases, and arthritis. Many studies show that GABA helps reduce the symptoms of inflammation and is also effective in the treatment of these severe conditions.

A UCLA’s study conducted on mice showed that supplementing mice with GABA lowered the risk of developing arthritis. Also, a review in the Journal of Neuroinflammation concluded that GABA can reduce the activity that may trigger joint inflammation.

GABA User Review for Anxiety

Stress of any form – whether it is stress at work, financial stress, stress from an emotional trauma, or stress caused by medical illness – can be treated with the help of GABA supplements.

From time and again, GABA supplements have been used by people to treat anxiety disorders. Many consider it a better alternative than the prescribed medications.

However, one should keep in mind that GABA is not a drug. You shouldn’t use it as an alternative for prescribed medication. Before doing so, it is better to consult a doctor for the approval.

Let’s look at some of the GABA supplement reviews by its users:

“I have been taking a 750mg GABA supplement for over two weeks now and it has helped me SO MUCH! I am definitely going to keep using this product! Highly recommended!”

 “There was a time when I used to be a total nervous wreck. Even the tiniest of my problems would push me over the edge. I just didn’t know what to do. Because of this, I was having trouble concentrating on my work. Both my mental and physical health started deteriorating. My friend suggested me to go for a check-up. She suggested to me a doctor and I booked an appointment immediately. After a thorough check-up, the doctor prescribed me GABA pills which I have been using for quite some time now. I must say, my health has improved a lot.”

“These GABA supplements are working way better than I had initially expected. I used to have anxiety and panic attacks a lot but not anymore. I’m really glad to have these magical pills in my life!”

“I’ve been using GABA supplements for years now and I’ve become much more calmed and relaxed. I don’t feel social anxiety as I used to feel before. I’m always at ease when it comes to meeting new people and talking to them. Anyone who is suffering from anxiety must use these supplements. They are the best!”

GABA Top Best User Review for Mood and Relaxation

GABA Supplements For Mood and Relaxation

GABA Supplements For Mood and Relaxation

Constant stress and anxiety can spell a lot of trouble for you. Due to chronic stress, people feel more frustrated, nervy, and agitated all the time.

Although there are a number of ways to boost your mood such as exercising, eating your favorite food, spending more time with your close friends and family, playing with your pet, writing in your gratitude journal, there are people out there who prefer GABA supplements for enhancing their mood.

Here are some of the reviews of happy users of GABA supplements:

I had to give a presentation to the board of directors. Although I was well-prepared, I was still quite all over the place. I kept forgetting everything due to my nervousness. My brother suggested me to use GABA supplements as he had used them once and it had really helped him. I started taking GABA pills a couple of days before the meeting was due. I quite nailed the presentation! I was so relaxed and calmed the entire time that I couldn’t believe myself!”

“I have used many supplements for relaxation in the past but nothing is as amazing as GABA supplements. I have just recently started taking these pills and it has made me really relaxed and composed. I’m so glad to feel my normal self again after such a long time!”

“My doctor prescribed me GABA pills twice a day. Due to hectic work life, it is always hard for me to take some time out and relax. These pills have really made the difference I was looking for so long! I don’t feel as tensed as I used to. These are really great pills!”

“Whenever I feel panicky, I take some of these GABA supplements. They calm my nerves instantly. Highly recommended!”

GABA User Review for Depression

GABA User Reviews for Depression

GABA User Reviews for Depression

Although GABA supplements aren’t anti-depressants, some patients have reported their effective relief from depressive symptoms after taking GABA supplements.

One of the users says:

After I lost my mother to cancer, I started suffering from depression. It became really hard for me to cope with my daily work. I stayed awake late into the nights, thinking about my mother. I consulted a psychologist who prescribed me GABA pills. These pills have really helped me through some really tough times.”

Some other customers also pitched in their experiences:

“These are the best supplements I have used so far. I started taking them recently for my depression and I’m so glad to see they have cured my depression in no time! I just didn’t expect them to be so incredible. Highly recommended!”

“This stuff is fantastic! It puts me in such a good mood every time I take it.  Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be so good. I’m really impressed. I recommend this product to everyone who’s looking for some amazing anti-depressant pills.”

“I used to be in a lot of low spirits. So, one of my colleagues suggested me GABA pills. He told me that his wife takes them and they have worked well upon her depression. I thought to give them a try since the remedies I tried didn’t really help me much. It’s been only a couple of months using these pills and I have seen a huge difference in me already. I feel so much better now that I can’t tell!”

GABA User Review for Sleep

GABA supplements are highly effective in treating symptoms of insomnia.

GABA User Review For Sleep

GABA User Review For Sleep

People who find it difficult to sleep when started taking GABA supplements reported their positive experiences which are as follows:

“I was an insomniac and no matter how much I tried to shut off my brain during bedtime, I just couldn’t! I felt so helpless. I just didn’t know what to do. I started taking a lot of anti-depressants but suffered from serious side-effects as a result. I was really tensed and so were my parents. I consulted a specialist who prescribed me GABA pills. I was a bit reluctant and didn’t want to use them. A part of me always felt these wouldn’t work. But I’m so glad they did!  These pills have really helped me. I don’t have any trouble falling asleep at night anymore.”

“I have been using GABA pills for sleep for quite some time now. Initially, the supplements didn’t work well for me. I got rashes and felt a little uneasy. It took some time for my body to get adjusted to this medication. After a while, everything was right on track! The pills did what they were meant to do. They really calmed my nerves which helped me sleep properly at night.

A husband also wrote about his wife’s experience:

“My wife used to have a lot of sleep problems. This is why she was always in a bad mood. She has just recently started taking GABA supplements and they have really helped calm her nerves. She is able to sleep now without any trouble.

“I love this stuff! It instantly puts me in a deep sleep. It also stops my brain from racing when I lie down and helps me get a full night’s sleep in just 6 hours.”

So there you have it, GABA supplements could be just the thing for you if you struggle with anxiety and/or insomnia.



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