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CREATINE REVIEW: How Safe And Effective Is This Product?

Have you ever gone to a gym only to find yourself gasping for breath and energy? No need to fret because creatine is there to take care of your concerns. However, it is advisable to know more about: the product, its performance, side effects, benefits, and dosage instructions.

Introduction of Creatine – Cheap Ergogenic Supplement

Creatine Workout Pills

Creatine Workout Pills

As we engage in sports or energy consuming activities, we will need energy supplementation. The use of supplements is not a new thing when it comes to energy boosting. Are you at a crossroad wondering what type of muscle building supplement to use? Then consider Creatine. Creatine supplement is great for muscle building and has no known serious side effects.

Having said that, it is of paramount importance to consider the health effects of creatine before using it. Naturally, our bodies react differently to different consumables. What is good for you may have complications for somebody else. So, before you start taking creatine, make sure to be well versed with its usage and side effects.

To gain big and strong muscles, take Creatine while you do your exercises or workouts. Using Creatine without workouts will yield to nothing because it has no calories. For good results, exercising is necessary.

To know more about Creatine, its performance, benefits, consequences and other instructions, continue reading.

What Is Creatine and What Does It Do?

Just like amino acids and other chemical components that are in the body, Creatine is a component in the muscle cells that help your muscles in producing energy during workouts or exercises. Due to hard workouts or continuous energy draining activities, Creatine levels in the body may run low. This may warrant the use of Creatine supplement to boost your muscle power or energy.

The supplement will enhance energy and muscle build up thereby improving performance. If you are a sports person, you will need to consider taking a Creatine supplement. Creatine is among the most commonly used supplements in the world.

You body hormones, what you consume, and daily activities will also influence the levels of Creatine in the muscles. Arginine and glycine can assist in the production of Creatine in the body naturally. For quicker results, use Creatine monohydrate in powder form. Creatine in powder form is easily absorbable.

Energy Supplement
Energy Energy
Mental Clarity Mental Clarity
Strength Strength

How It Works:

  • It helps in promoting ATP production that leads to a boost in energy.
  • Slows down the process of aging.
  • It helps in providing physical strength and mental clarity.
Between 5 – 25 g per day
Rated Likely Safe

How Does Creatine Work?

Before consuming a Creatine supplement, it is important to know how it works in your body. Phosphocreatine is the form in which Creatine is usable in the muscles as adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP releases energy as you workout or lift heavy objects. The compound consists of three amino acids namely, glycine, arginine, and methionine.

Below Six ways in which Creatine works in your body:

1. Boost Workload:

Creatine Pills for Weight Gain

Creatine Pills for Weight Gain

The compound facilitates more workouts per session by releasing more energy. This provides a base for muscle growth as you continue exercising daily. Exhaustion due to training is minimal and manageable. The sportsperson will record an increase in performance.

2. Improve Cell Signaling:

As you use the supplement, there will be more cell coordination and signaling in the muscles thereby prompting quick muscle refurbishment and growth. This will enable an athlete, bodybuilder, or weightlifter to train vigorously without running out of energy.

3. Raise Anabolic Hormones:

There is a notable increase in IGF-1 hormones once one uses the supplement. This stimulates the production of energy in the muscle tissues for strong exercising. The hormones are also responsible for healing wounds. There is also an increase in weight as you train. This works well with the elderly, as they tend to lose muscles and energy fast during their old age.

4. Increase in Cell Hydration:

As you use Creatine, your muscle water mass content increases. This may result in mass cell increase, pushing your muscle growth to a new height. However, to maintain that growth, you will have to train hard on regular basis. The mass water in the cells will bode well with your workouts by delaying burnouts or excessive water loss.

5. Reduce Protein Breakdown:

The continuous production of phosphocreatine in the muscles helps in fighting muscle related ailments such as muscle breakdown and cramps. It regulates or helps in repairing aging muscle cells thereby enabling a continuous flow of energy throughout the body.

6. Lower Myostatin Levels:

The supplement helps in reducing or managing the myostatin levels in the cells. This creates an enabling environment for muscle growth.

4 Scienfic Research Effects of Creatine Supplement

Researchers have come to a conclusion that consumption of Creatine supplement enhances muscle growth.

Meat consumers have high Creatine level, therefore, the supplement will not work as well with them. This means a person with high levels of Creatine will not have any noticeable growth even if they use it.

The more you use the supplement; your body’s natural Creatine production is at minimal. However, on the stoppage, normal production continues.

Further research shows that weight gain occurs because of water retention and not because of cell growth.

The skeletal muscle has a limit to which it can stretch; hence using the supplement will not be tenable then.

1. The Effects of Creatine on Muscle Gain:

The most prominent result of Creatine uptake is muscle enlargement. You may be asking, “Will creatine make me gain weight” The answer is obvious, yes, due to retention of water in the muscles. The water will have a positive impact on your weight.

2. Effects on Strength and Exercise Performance:

The supplement is good for strength and workouts that are more robust. Research shows that there is an increase in power and intensity of training by creatine users. It also shows that the more one continues to use it, the more power and vigor they will have in training. This is because of more ATP production in the muscles stretching your performance to last longer.

3. The Effects of Creatine on the Brain:

Research shows that creatine takes care of several brain disorders. As is with muscles, quite a number of phosphocreatine compounds are also traceable in the brain. This means there is more growth of brain cells to fight up against most brain disorders. It has shown notable improvements in memory loss, trauma, and other brain disorders. It works well among vegetarians who have low creatine levels. Listed below are some disorders that creatine has been able to influence positively, Epilepsy, memory lapse, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease and Brain/spinal cord strains among others.

4. Other Health Benefits Creatine:

Researchers have also found that creatine may influence improved muscle cell functioning for the aged, low sugar levels and some liver ailments. However, research is still ongoing.

Health Benefits for Creatine

Even though studies are advancing on the benefits of creatine on health-related ailments, there have been several achievements. The following conditions have shown improvement after the use of creatine supplement; muscle strength, athletic performance, depression, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle cramps, and osteoarthritis among others. Though creatine has several medicinal qualities, it is not a medicine but just a supplement. Below are

4 Common Uses for Creatine Supplements

Creatine Powder Supplement

Creatine Powder Supplement

1. Creatine and Athletic Performance:

According to studies, creatine has been a source of power and has the best performance while one is actively exercising. Fatigue and quick burnouts have been impediments to athletes. However, with creatine supplements, the athletes can now last long without straining. The supplement seems to work well to those aged twenty and above. It has also shown improvement on both female and male soccer players. However, in case you intend to use creatine for other medical purposes, consult a physician.

2. Cardiovascular Disease:

Clinical tests have shown some positive effects for those who have used creatine. For heart failure, there are positive signs of managing the situation. Other studies show that the supplement suppresses the presence of homocysteine, which is associated with heart ailments such as heart attack and stroke. The studies are still going on to ascertain the supplement’s real impact to heart ailments.

3. Creatine and Cancer:

Studies on animals have shown the effects of creatine to be able to slightly suppress tumors. Through the altering of energy that comes from Creatine Kinase, it shows there was a slow growth on several kinds of tumors. Plans are underway to conduct studies on human beings.

4. Creatine-Containing Foods:

Meat from wild animals is one of the best, natural ways of getting creatine. You will get natural creatine from salmon, herring, tuna, and raw meat such as beef rump steak. For vegetarians, the use of the supplement is essential.

Common Dosages and Instruction of Creatine

How to take creatine supplement?

For a good start, consider going with a loading phase, which includes taking a higher dosage for some time before returning to a smaller dose.

Use it with a protein or carbohydrate-rich food for easy absorption in the blood. Take it with enough water to avoid dehydration, as a lot of water will go to the muscles for retention.

Consume twenty grams of creatine supplement daily for around one week. However, the daily dosage is usually four times a day in five grams per serving. After the loading phase, a dosage of between three to five grams per day is ideal (maintenance phase.)

However, if you decide to skip the loading phase, you can take three to five grams but for a longer period, probably a month, to compensate for the deficit.

Safety and Creatine Supplement Side Effects

Does Creatine Have Side Effects?

Research has been progressing for over four years and there is still no tangible evidence of serious side effects if any. Creatine has been in the limelight to ascertain its medicinal qualities for future use.

The supplement may react differently if taken with other compounds; therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor before use.

However, some people have had the following encounters with the supplement; Nausea, fever, diarrhea, dehydration, muscle cramps, excess heat, low blood pressure, and stomach upsets among others.

Overdosing and long-term use can also have some side effects. All in all, Creatine is safe, economical and usable without a doctor’s prescription.

Creatine Supplement Review

Best Creatine Pills Reviews

Best Creatine Pills Reviews

Creatine is a perfectly legal supplement that most bodybuilders and athletes who do strength training prefer to use. I came to know about this magic potion after talking to some people at the local gym. A guy I have been working out for the past three months persuaded me to try it so I went ahead and ordered it for myself. After receiving the package I finally decided to give it a go. It had a pretty simple preparation method similar to most protein powders.

You just have to add the creatine powder with the liquid of your choice and mix it well. After preparing the drink I gulped it down 30 minutes before heading to the gym. I expected to feel super energetic after consumption, but literally nothing happened. Anyway I went to the gym afterwards for a really intense workout session and then returned home.

The results began to appear after a few days of use as I literally felt significant growth in muscles especially around the arms. I also felt a boost in strength which was clearly visible through the drastic increase in the mass of the weights I was lifting. To sum it up, creatine works slowly but it definitely works and also without any side effects.

Where to Buy Creatine Supplements?

Creatine supplements are perfectly legal in almost all parts of the world as it develops strength and muscles naturally without any health risking side effects. Being legal means buying and selling of the product is officially allowed by the government.

However, there are certain regulations that need to be fulfilled just like any food product. Which is why only certified companies that produce creation for the markets are allowed to sell it openly at stores and even online. So, if you are looking to buy creatine yourself then always verify the source of production for the sake of your health.

There are many official stores situated all over the country that sell creatine. Most of these stores are dedicated fitness supplements providers which are officially certified to sell products like proteins powders, creatine and many other legal health supplements.

These stores are the best option if you are a hard person to satisfy regarding the originality of the product. But if you don’t want to waste any valuable minutes by heading out to the store then there is always the internet to have your back in this situation.

There are many reliable websites available online that offer genuine and high quality creatine. You can order the product of your choice from the comfort of your home and invest the minutes you saved by not going to the store towards your workout.


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