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What are the Potential Health Benefits of Taking CoQ10?

You must be aware of this fact of life – as you age, your energy levels go down. It will take you twice the time to finish a task now than it would have when you were in your 20s. You must have accepted this fact into your life, but have you ever asked the question – why does it happen? Why do your energy levels go down as you age? The answer to that question is simple – you have levels of coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10.

You must be wondering, what is CoQ10? We will answer this question later in this article, but for now, CoQ10 is a compound that naturally produced in your body. The main function of this antioxidant is to help generate energy into the cells of your body.

Like we said before, the production of CoQ10 is natural, but as you age, your body produces less of this compound. The deficiency of CoQ10 can lead to dangerous health conditions like cancer, diabetes, brain disorders, and heart diseases.

Don’t panic, because there is a way for you to get that energy of your youth back. Proper diet and supplements can help increase the levels of CoQ10 in your body.

Scientists all over the world are working around the clock to find more about this wondrous enzyme. But one thing is clear – this enzyme is not just a source of energy but also has numerous health benefits. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading; you are in for a surprise.

What Is Coq10?

Now let’s address the elephant in the room – what exactly is CoQ10? Like we said before, CoQ10 is an antioxidant found naturally in your body. The compound is stored in your cell’s mitochondria. The main function of mitochondria is to produce energy in your body. CoQ10 is also responsible for making adenosine triphosphate (ATP), whose function is to transfer energy within your cells.

Another thing CoQ10 is responsible for is protecting your cells from disease-causing viruses or bacteria as well as oxidative damage. The cause of Oxidative damage is the free radicals in your body. Free radicals occur naturally in everyone’s bodies due to some cellular reactions. A few of your habits, like smoking or drinking excessively, can also cause a build-up of these free radicals. These free radicals increase your chances of getting chronic health conditions like cancer, liver diseases, arthritis, stroke, heart diseases, and even speeds up the aging process. CoQ10. Being an antioxidant helps break down those disease-causing free radicals.

It is CoQ10 is every organ in your body. Though, the concentration of this compound is highest in the organs that require more energy, like your liver, lungs, kidneys, and heart. CoQ10, along with vitamin D and K2 will make sure that your body remains healthy and functioning.

Coenzyme Q10
Energy Supplement
Heart Health Heart Health
Energy Energy
Anti- Aging Anti- Aging

How It Works:

  • It promotes energy production from the cellular levels.
  • Combats aging as it is an anti-oxidant.
  • It supports general wellbeing and also improves cognitive abilities.
Between 30 – 600 mg per day
Rated Likely Safe

Who Needs Coq10?

You must be wondering, who needs CoQ10? As you age, the levels of CoQ10 in your body get decreased. But that is not the only reason for taking CoQ10. Some young people could also be deficient in CoQ10. Here are some of the causes that can cause a CoQ10 deficiency in your body:

  • Deficiency of Vitamin B6 or other nutrients
  •  Mitochondrial diseases
  •  Oxidative stress
  •  Statin treatment side effects
  • Some diseases that cause increased demands of CoQ10
  •  Genetic defects in CoQ10 utilization or synthesis
  •  People suffering from following conditions should consider taking CoQ10:
  •  Age-related vision lost
  •  Suffering from a heart condition
  •  People who have an irregular heart rhythm that could lead to heart failure
  • People suffering from nerve damage as a result of diabetes
  •  Fibromyalgia
  •  HIV/ AIDS
  •  People who have had heart bypass surgery and are suffering from blood vessel complications
  •  High blood pressure
  •  Migraines
  •  Muscular dystrophy
  • Multiple sclerosis

10 Amazing Benefits Of Coq10

Now that you know what CoQ10 really is, let’s move on to the amazing health benefits of this compound. You know that it is very essential for boosting the energy levels of your body. But there are a lot more incredible health benefits of CoQ10. Here are the top ten ways CoQ10 can benefit your health:

1. May Help In Treating Heart Failure

Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Heart failure is a consequence of high blood pressure or coronary artery disease. These conditions can lead to inflammation and oxidative damage of your arteries and veins.

When the arteries and veins are so badly damaged that the heart finds it difficult to pump blood to your body, it goes into failure. The treatments for this condition can cause low levels of CoQ10 as well as low blood pressure.

2. May Help With Fertility

As you age, the chances of you getting a pregnant decrease. The reason behind the decreased fertility is because of the quality as well as the number of available eggs. One of the main reasons for that is because of the oxidative damage. The free radicals cause damage to your eggs and decrease the chances of pregnancy. As CoQ10 is known to tackle with the free radicals, it can help with fertility. CoQ10 can help protect the eggs from damage and help you stay fertile for a longer time.

It is not just the female eggs that are affected by free radicals, but male sperm as well. CoQ10 helps reduce the free radicals and gives you a better chance of having a child.

3. Keep Your Skin Young

Who doesn’t like a glowing and young skin? You need to work really hard to make sure that your skin remains smooth and free from wrinkles and fine lines. If you have a job that requires you to stay outdoors for a long time, you might face problems like premature wrinkles. There are also some internal factors that can weigh in on the damage like hormonal imbalances.

Applying CoQ10 to your skin can help with the oxidation damage and give you a younger looking skin. It not only helps protect your skin from the harmful aggressors but also increases the moisture.
People who suffer from CoQ10 defiance are at a higher risk of contracting skin cancer.

4. Reduction Of Headaches

Abnormality in the mitochondrial function can lead to a decreased antioxidant protection, an increase in the making of free radicals, and increased calcium intake by your cells. All these things are a known cause of migraines and also lower the energy in your brain cells. CoQ10 causes the inflammation to decrease that usually occurs because of migraines.

A study that contained 42 people suffering from migraines showed that people who received CoQ10 got three times reduction in migraines than the people who received placebo. Another study showed that supplementing CoQ10 decreased the intensity as well as the occurrence of migraines.

5. Exercise Performance

One of the best ways to stay healthy is by exercising daily. However, the oxidative stress can cause an effect on the function of your muscles, therefore affecting your exercise performance. Also, low levels of CoQ10 can reduce the level of energy, causing hindrance to your exercise regime.

CoQ10 helps increase your exercise performance by increasing the levels of energy as well as decreasing the oxidative stress in your body.

6. Diabetes

Diabetes is a tricky disease to handle. Oxidative stress is responsible for cell damage. And those damaged cells are more likely to convert into deadly diseases like diabetes.

Abnormality in the mitochondrial function of your body is also connected to diabetes. CoQ10 can help regulate the levels of blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. CoQ10 also helps break down fat cells that can result in type 2 diabetes or obesity.

7. Cancer Prevention

One of the deadliest diseases in the world is cancer. And one of the main causes of cancer is oxidative stress. If your body has low amounts of free radicals, the chances of your cells or organs getting damaged are also lowered. The healthier the cells are, the less your chances are of getting cancer. CoQ10 is also known to reduce the chances of cancer recurrence.

8. Food for Your Brain

Do you know that Mitochondria is the main source of energy for your brain? Yes, and as you age, that energy decreases. The more it decreases the more of your brain cells die. It can lead to conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. The oxidative stress can cause an effect on your brain memory as well as physical functions. CoQ10 helps make sure that your brain remains energized and free from oxidative stress.

9. Protection of the Lungs

Your lungs are most likely to become a victim of oxidative damage because it is constantly in contact with oxygen. If your lungs don’t function properly, it causes stress on your heart which leads to heart failure. Lung diseases like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma occur due to low levels of CoQ10.

10. Fights Bleeding Gums and Gingivitis

If you are suffering from a periodontal disease, then CoQ10 is the perfect treatment for you. according to research, CoQ10 has positive affects ion gum diseases and can help your gums stay healthy.

Is CoQ10 Safe?

After learning all these amazing benefits of CoQ10, you must be wondering – what’s the catch? Is it really safe? Let us put all your worries to rest by telling you the answer. Yes, CoQ10 is safe for consumption.

CoQ10 is considered to be a safe supplement, especially in treating patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and congestive heart failure. Though, everyone’s body reacts differently. There is a chance that you would face some side effects from CoQ10, but smaller amounts can help reduce those side effects. Be sure that you consult a medical professional before starting this supplement.

Does CoQ10 Work?

The answer to this question is yes, CoQ10 definitely works. As it is a natural compound, it interacts well with your body and helps improve your heart health, fertility, skin, diabetes, cancer, and reduces the occurrence as well as the severity of migraines.

It does those things by working side by side with the vitamins D and K2. Not to mention the fact that it is a great way to protect your organs from oxidation damage caused by free radicals.

Your health will be better when you supplement CoQ10 in your diet. it is especially important for older people to take CoQ10 as the levels of it decreases as you age, leaving you with less energy. You can have the energy of your youth back with CoQ10.

CoQ10 Side Effects

No supplement is perfect. Everything has some side effects. But the good news is that there are no severe or long-term side effects of CoQ10. The side effects are pretty mild and can be easily controlled. Some of the side effects include fatigue, headaches, irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. Some people also experience nausea after taking CoQ10.

Though these side effects are not daunting but decreasing the dosage can help in reducing them.

How To Take Coq10?

There are two ways to take CoQ10. The first way is to take CoQ10 supplements. But before you purchase them, make sure that they are of top quality. There is no compromising when it comes to your health. The second way to take CoQ10 is through the food. Following foods contain high levels of CoQ10:

  • Grass-fed beef
  • Beef Liver
  • Chicken
  • Mackerel
  • Sardines
  • Broccoli
  • Peanuts

Now let’s move on to the dosage. The standard dosage CoQ10 is anywhere between 90 mg to 200 mg, depending on your conditions as well as body type. Some people can tolerate 500 mg or even higher doses without exhibiting side effects.

It is recommended that you don’t take the entire dose at a single time. Divide the dosage into two or three doses of the smaller quantity.

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