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Citicoline: Benefits, Dosage and How to Reduce Cognitive Impairments

Citicoline Overview: The Cerebral Caretaker

Citicoline is a basic nootropic that experts refer to as the brain booster. It works both as a medicine and a dietary supplement!

The drug was previously seen as a substance that reduces the risk of stroke and helps these patients recover in the aftermath. How can this be possible?

Medical science is all about clinical tests and research. It is very common for researchers to find new elements and benefits of a known substance after years of its use. This is exactly what happened with citicoline.

Initially, the Japanese originators saw the supplement as a way to inhibit the brain-numbing effects of a stroke. Moreover, medicinal practitioners saw that the drug also works as prevention for future strokes.

Citicoline For Brain Booster

Citicoline For Brain Booster

It was upon further research that the medical world found the amazing mind-enhancing benefits of the substance. Over the years it gained its popularity as a smart pill that you can take orally via supplements or through injections.

Furthermore, citicoline has also been a steady feature in the medicinal practice of stacking drugs. It works as a base supplement that neutralizes the negative effects of the other potent substances.

As a whole, the supplement works as an efficient caretaker of the brain. This is because it works as a protector, enhancer, and regulator of the brain and all its cognitive functions.

What Is Citicoline?

Citicoline occasionally called CDP-Choline is a derivative of choline. The citicoline supplements are primarily taken to prevent choline deficiency in the body.

What is choline?

Helps to Improve Cognitive Function

Helps to Improve Cognitive Function

Choline is one of the newly discovered essential nutrients in the body. It is interesting to note that the liver secretes the water-soluble nutrient but it mainly works for the superior organ-the brain.

The problem is that it is low in secretion and high in demand. Due to this, medicinal practitioners advise people to eat a choline-rich diet or take synthetic dietary supplements. This helps maintain the choline levels in the body.

While choline-rich foods like eggs, green vegetables, fish and dairy products do spike up the choline levels they are not sufficient enough to unleash the brain-boosting potential of this substance.

Therefore, if you are looking for choline sources in order to enhance your cognition functions and learning skill. Then you should take citicoline supplements in your diet.

The additional benefit of taking citicoline is that it is highly soluble, more so than other choline sources like choline bitartrate. This means that it will cross the blood-brain barrier faster than its rival. This helps the brain to absorb the substance easily. It also makes the drug more effective than the others.

Cholinergic Supplement
Memory Memory
Focus Focus
Brain Health Brain Health

How It Works:

  • It helps in promoting focus, memory, and mental clarity.
  • Acetylcholine neurotransmitter levels increase due to citicoline.
  • It works efficiently to improve the health of the brain cells and the communication between them.
Between 250 – 2,000 mg per day
Rated Likely Safe

The Mechanism: How Does Citicoline Work?

Citicoline is one of the basic nootropics found in nature. The majority uses it as a dietary supplement to increase the amount of choline that is present in the body.

Choline is the originator of two important chemicals:

Neurotransmitter Acetylcholine:

The activation of acetylcholine helps in motor speed. This is because acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that transports the signals in the automatic nervous system. It makes sure that our brain receives all the signals our body is sending. As a result, our body functions properly.

Without acetylcholine, your hand will not move when it touches something hot like candle wax. This failure to respond properly can cause a lot of problems through external factors to the body.

Membrane Maker Phosphatidylcholine:

The rest of the choline triggers the production of the protective phosphatidylcholine. This substance helps to develop a stronger cerebral cell membrane. It works as a security checker that prevents the harmful substances to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Additionally, citicoline is a known source of boosting dopamine levels in the brain. As a result, the brain feels less stressed out. It is able to calmly perform all its cognitive functions without interfering anxious nerves.

Citicoline Supplements

Citicoline Supplements

How does citicoline help on your body?

The reactions stirred up by citicoline have a brain-boosting effect on your body.

  • Enhance your memory retention
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps you think and comprehend faster
  • Keeps the brain alert
  • Makes sure the brain is healthy
  • Perks up your creative thinking
  • Develops the synapses
  • Builds the cerebral cell membrane

Hidden Benefits of Citicoline:

Why Do People Take Citicoline? How Does It Help?

We have been going on and on about the way the ‘what’ and ‘which’ and ‘whys’. Now let us talk about the most important question- How does this drug help you?

These are the few roles citicoline plays in your body:

The Protector:

Medical practitioners classify the supplement as a neuroprotector. This means that the substance helps to protect and repair any form of brain damage.

This includes:

• Degeneration of the cells, resulting in memory loss
• Subduing symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s and other age-related brain diseases
• Filling up communication gaps between neurons by increasing plasticity
• Fixes brain damage caused by strokes and even helps in a relapse

Furthermore, it is the precursor of phosphatidylcholine which is an important component in the cerebral cell membrane. It guards the blood-brain barrier and prevents toxins or other harmful chemicals from entering the brain.


Citicoline is a naturally occurring nootropic present inside the body. Apart from protecting the brain it also keeps it running. Experts say that citicoline is has a good effect on the cognitive functions of the brain.

It helps to:

• enhances the memory skills
• accelerate the motor reactions by stimulating the production of citicoline
• Keeps the mind alert
• Increases attention span

The Regulator

Our brain needs a constant supply of glucose and oxygen. Without the required amount brain activity tends to slow down and result in a brain fog. Fortunately, citicoline is just the product you need to clear the fog in your hazy brain. It does this by improving the cerebral blood circulation.

How does citicoline help?

The blood delivers the oxygen and glucose needed by the drained out brain. Hence, it boosts up the brain energy levels. This results in higher brain activity and a very alert mind.

The Verdict

All these benefits show that citicoline is worth giving a shot!

It doesn’t just help our learning skills it also maintains our brain function in the long run. Not only that, it guarantees us that it will keep our memory intact for the future and decrease the risk of memory loss or strokes.

The Dose: How Much citicoline Is Enough?

Citicoline is a safe product. The substance is tolerable and low in toxicity that has minor side effects. However, you may think it isn’t working out for you if you do not take the proper dose.

Why is that?

The reason we have a “recommended dosage level of citicoline” is because people tend to overdose or under-dose themselves. Then they complain that the supplement is not working on them or how we have been lying about the product’s effectiveness.

Do not be this person. Follow the prescribed dosage according to doctor’s orders.

If you are self-medicating then see our guideline below:

  • Are you suffering from dementia? Think age has inhibited your thinking? Then take a heavy dose of 1000-2000mg per day
  • Patients suffering from a chronic cerebrovascular disease should take 600 mg of citicoline every day
  • Are you in this to get smart? To secure your brain power from old age decline? Then we advise you to take 250-1000 mg of the supplement every day
  • As a precautionary measure, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must not take this supplement

Six Nominal Side Effects of Citicoline: Is It Safe?

It is only natural to ask about the product’s safety and precautions when you try something new. In citicoline’s case, we assure you that it is safe and legal to consume. However, as every person has a different tolerance level to substances, you might face a few side effects after taking the drug.

  1. Headaches
  2. Nausea
  3. Blurred vision
  4. A slight fluctuation in blood pressure
  5. Stomach pains
  6. Chest pains

Like many off-the- counter supplements, citicoline may have a few mild side effects. However, this is nothing to worry about; these side effects can be easily controlled. To ensure that you do not face an adverse reaction try starting the supplement cycle by taking small dosage first to test the waters.


Is Citicoline Legal in US?

Citicoline is legal in the U.S. It is widely sold as a dietary supplement. These supplements are mainly in use by medicinal practitioners handling the cases of patients suffering from chronic cerebrovascular diseases or those caused by brain degeneration in old age (Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s).

Additionally, the supplement is perfectly safe for consumption by young adults and those over 30.

That’s it. This is all you needed to know about citicoline and its wonderful nootropic that protects the brain and keeps it healthy.

Are you ready to give it a chance?

Citicoline User Review: What Do User’s Say?

We have rambled on and on about the benefits of Citicoline. However, you may not believe us for the facts and information that we have imparted above.

This is why we gathered a bunch of users that have actually seen an improvement in their memory and other cognitive activities. Their reviews will assure you that this supplement actually works.

Here is what they had to say after they started using citicoline:

A user’s daughter raved about the benefits of giving her the supplement, she said that,

“My mother is 85 years old. Like many people her age, she had started to shows signs of early Alzheimer’s. Yet, after putting her on this drug, I have seen marked improvement. She is starting to remember again!”

A user who is recovering from a stroke said,

“After my surgery, my doctor put me on many pills. This was one of them, to help ease my recovery. What I didn’t know was that it would do that and stimulate my cognitive functions too. I see a visible change in the clarity of my thoughts and my concentration.”

A law student said,

“ I have recently gotten into stacking nootropics together to help boost my learning skills, Someone recommended using citicoline as the base drug. I feel that it has been extremely useful in regulating my energy levels. Apart from that I just got straight A’s on my midterms. I will surely take these supplements till the finals too.”

Final Thoughts on Citicoline: What Is the Take-Away Home Message?

In the end, you have heard all the benefits and we have shared some user reviews with you. It is safe to say that this nootropic does everything it should enhance your cognitive skills and shield you from the side effects of aging.

Who should use this Citicoline drug?

The short answer would be anyone who wants to have efficient cognitive skills.
However, we have narrowed the list down to categorize some common issues that the nootropics help to alleviate.
We suggest that if you have any of these problems, like:

  •  Frequent brain fog or zoning out
  •  A hard time concentrating in classes
  • Maybe you are recovering from stroke or severe brain damage
  •  Have started showing visible signs of memory loss and brain degeneration

Then you must give Citicoline supplement a try!

We guarantee that taking these the citicoline supplements will support your cognitive functions and remove all the hurdles that have restrained your brain activity.

Apart from this, healthy people can also use this drug as it is not just necessary for people who suffer from some kind of brain disorders. We say this because this brain booster actively stimulates your natural choline levels that help keep your brain healthy.

Additionally, as we mentioned earlier the pills are highly effective in protecting your brain for any future loss. We believe that precaution is better and most of the time safer than the cure.
That’s it. This is all you needed to know about citicoline and the wonderful nootropic benefits that protect the brain and keeps it healthy.

Are you ready to give it a chance?
If yes, then we advise you to stick to a healthy dosage and do not go overboard due to marked improvement.



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