Bodybuilding and Athletic Performance: 8 Supplements that Can Help You

The Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Strength Athletes and Bodybuilders

Do Supplements Really Help Build Muscle?

Are your bodybuilding efforts not showing the productive results as you expect them to?

Is building muscle mass taking more time and you want the process to speed up?

Well, bodybuilding supplements are the answer for you! Though they are not a substitute for appropriate nutrition, they certainly can help you achieve your athletic fitness goals rather quicker. The question that you must ponder on frequently can be that whether supplements actually help build your muscle? The answer is no.

Supplements do not build the muscle. They instigate the process of muscle making and speed it up by offering more energy to your body. It is the exercise that helps in gaining muscle and strength. Having a healthy amount of muscle allows you to perform productively in sports and daily life.

To ensure muscle gain, there are three things that are necessary: eating more calories than you burn, having a substantial amount of protein intake, and a challenging exercise program. This criterion is difficult but not impossible to meet.

However, the bodybuilding supplements play a remarkable role here. You can take the supplements and boost not only your energy but gain better and faster muscle mass. The second question that you may ask yourself at this point is about the necessity of supplements. We answer this question in the subsequent section.

Is Using Supplement Necessary for Bodybuilding?

Supplements offer you tremendous support in the process of bodybuilding and your athletic performance. As mentioned previously, you can gain your fitness goals of building your body by eating more calories, consuming adequate protein and undergoing challenging workout routine. But this process requires time.

However, when you offer your body a support of supplements, they help your body acquire the exact amount of nutrients that are necessary for retaining enough energy to carry out sufficient workout. They complement the diet you take and fill in the nutrient gaps that are left behind by your regular meals. Bodybuilding supplements ensure that your body gets what it needs to perform optimally and increase the muscle mass.

If you are striving to improve your physical health, athletic performance and general physique; bodybuilding supplements are your ultimate helpers in reaching your targeted point in lesser time. So, to answer the question, supplements are not mandatory, but if you want to acquire the results of your efforts sooner, bodybuilding supplements are your ultimate go-to options.

We understand what struggles you may have to face in choosing the right supplement to complement your bodybuilding and athletic performance. To make the process easier for you, we have narrowed down some of the best bodybuilding supplements that you can use at different stages like pre-workout, athletic performance, and recovery.

Pre-Workout Supplements

If you are a determined physique athlete, your primary goal must be to go through intense training sessions without experiencing fatigue or extended tiredness. You need your body thoroughly energized throughout the session to make sure that you accomplish the exercise goals seamlessly one after another.

Pre-workout supplements can cater these needs sufficiently. Their composition is in such a manner that they increase your energy, focus, and endurance to help you carry out a challenging exercise program ahead in the gym.

These supplements include Beta-Alanine, BCAAs, Creatine and Hordenine supplements. Caffeine is also supplemented that you can consume prior to your workout to ensure optimum performance and endurance during the exercise. These supplements complement your dietary intake and enable your body to perform in the best possible manner during exercise, athletic performance, and daily life. Here is a brief explanation about these supplements, stating how they work in preparing you for the upcoming workout.

Beta Alanine Supplement

Beta Alanine, essentially, is an amino acid that works against muscle fatigue. It helps your body during intense workout exercises and reduces the exhaustion incurred by the muscles. When you indulge in hard exercise, your muscles tend to produce acid that ultimately tires you. Beta Alanine inhibits the acid production and combats it to improve your overall endurance. Taking Beta Alanine as pre-workout supplement increases the concentration of the amino acid in the body and results in increasing your performance during the exercise. It increases the duration of intense exercise performance from one minute to four minutes and delays the fatigue.

You can take 4 to 6 grams of Beta-Alanine supplements per day and use them as pre-workout enhancers to ensure a productive and improved performance. The supplement is safe to consume with no severe side effects reported. You can, however, experience Paresthesia or pins and needles-like feeling on your skin if you escalate the dose suddenly. Beta Alanine where helps your performance during the workout, it also helps you gain muscle when you combine it with a healthy exercise program.

BCAAs Supplement

Branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs are basically three individual amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs are the building blocks of protein. Their primary sources are that of protein, including meat, poultry, dairy and fish products. Existing naturally, BCCAs are crucially important for the growth of muscles. They make up to nearly 14% of the amino acids that exist in your body muscle.

Although your everyday meals comprise of BCCAs that can fulfill the requirements of the body, if you have intensive fitness goals and substantial working out routine, you ultimately need more BCCAs that average to boost your performance. This makes BCCA supplements rather popular. When you use BCCAs supplements at the pre-workout stage, they help your muscles gain more energy to sustain the upcoming exercise. Especially if your diet is low on high-quality protein, it can substantially affect your exercise endurance.

Taking BCCAs supplements makeup to the nutritional gap left by protein and improve the muscle gain. However, to help you support your goals, you’ll need to supplement the right dosage at the right time. You can take the supplements thirty minutes prior to your workout session. The dosage of the supplement depends on your body weight. We suggest you take 0.03 to 0.05 grams of BCCAs supplement per kilogram of your body weight.

Caffeine Supplement

Caffeine is a naturally existing molecule found in coffee, tea, and other food items and beverages. Having the properties of stimulants, it can work positively on some parts of your brain, resulting in increasing the alertness and making you feel less tired and exhausted.

Caffeine is a popular pre-workout supplement. It can have several positive impacts on exercise performance. You can benefit through it in terms of increasing your ability to produce force quickly and enhance your power output. If you are an athlete engaged in exercises such as sprinting, weight training and cycling, caffeine can be your ultimately performance booster in form of a pre-workout supplement.

Moreover, in events that are of longer duration, caffeine can improve your performance by enhancing your overall endurance. This is especially helpful in activities such as soccer. You, however, have to remain careful about the amount of caffeine you take in with respect to your body weight.

To ensure that caffeine casts a positive impact on your body, your dose must range between 3 to 6 milligrams per kilogram of your body weight. For instance, if your body weight is around 150 pounds or 68 kg, 200 to 400 milligrams of caffeine is suitable. Excessive dosage can result in sweating, tremors, and dizziness.

Creatine Supplement

Creatine is a powerful supplement that helps substantially in building your muscle. It enhances your overall power to increase your capability to endure challenging workout programs. Creatine shows a highly safe profile and there is tremendous evidence supporting its productivity and efficacy. It demonstrates a positive result in enhancing your muscle mass.

The creatine supplementation works by enhancing the availability of creatine and phosphocreatine in the muscle and help retain the energy during high-intensity exercise. This is especially helpful when you are aiming to indulge in heavy weightlifting. Muscles tend to tire quicker when they have to endure such hefty exercises. Creatine supplementation ensures that there is enough creatine in the muscle that offers consistent energy to facilitate the exercise.

Moreover, the ability of creatine supplementation to promote the level of phosphocreatine serves in speeding up the process of recovery amidst the exercise sets. If you choose to utilize creatine supplements for long-term, they can help you enhance your quality of resistance during the training.

Using creatine as a pre-workout supplement can help you increase your strength and performance by five to fifteen percent. The supplement ensures that your muscle cells gave more energy when you exercise. Hence, you can perform better and achieve greater improvements.

Hordenine Supplement

Hordenine is famous for its energy enhancing properties. It exists naturally and acts as a monoamine oxidase or MAO inhibitor. It serves as a powerful hormone regulator and contributes to the increased cellular metabolism, enhanced cognitive focus and improved fat burning. Hordenine supplements are effectual in balancing the level of the adrenal glands output, improving mood and producing positive emotions associated with drive, determination, and ambition.

You can stack hordenine with phenylethylamine or PEA to fight fatigue and acquire cognitive enhancement. When you use this supplement before a workout, it helps to create the sensation of lasting natural energy which your body acquires through increased cell metabolism and the mental and physical energy produced resultantly.

Hordenine helps to break down the fatty acids and also slows down the digestion process. This results in increased energy and lower appetite which contributes positively to achieving the fitness goals of reducing excess body mass.
Also, hordenine helps in burning body fat that can help you achieve tremendous balance. Average dosage for hordenine supplements is 30 milligram per day taken in two or three parts. You can consume the daily amount in a single dose but this depends on your tolerance towards the supplement.

Athletic Performance Supplements

If your fitness goals include retaining an athletic body and high performance, you must know the importance of a diet that is nutritionally adequate and has all the necessary constituents that are mandatory for improved performance and competitive edge.
You may rely on a healthy diet plan with substantial protein and high calories to help you in the process of bodybuilding and improving your athletic strength. However, this may also require your extensive patience to allow the nutrients to take their time in functioning.

Supplements, on the other hand, boost your bodily functions and help you achieve your desired fitness goals faster. Athletic performance, indeed, requires extensive training and adequate diet. Supplements complement this entire process by helping your body prepare for the training and performance, diminishing the chances of injury and offering assistance in recovery after exercise. Performance supplements add value to your athletic performance.

There are different types of supplements that are appropriate for different types of workout. You have to remain careful in choosing supplements when you are aiming to improve your athletic performance. Two of the most effective athletic performance supplements are Panax ginseng and Ashwagandha. Both these supplements are discussed underneath to help you understand them better.

Panax Ginseng Supplement

Panax ginseng is an herbal sports supplement that shows a positive result in increasing muscular strength and aerobic work capacity. Research reports that Panax ginseng helps improve the oxygen uptake substantially and contributes to lowering the heart rate by six beats a minute for six minutes to improve recovery after exercise.

Studies demonstrate that Panax ginseng can help increase the pectoral strength by 22% and quadriceps strength by 18% when measured with a dynamometer. According to an Italy-based university, Panax ginseng is effective for improving the ability to endure load during exercise, delay exhaustion and increase aerobic capacity. Moreover, it positively enhances oxygen consumption and ventilation.

The root extracts of Panax ginseng have a history of being used as traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. They render beneficial effects for the central nervous system and instigate anti-fatigue action to improve athletic performance. The supplement also enhances the body’s strength during the times of stress and increases the energy level. Panax is a safe supplement that you can use without fearing any sort of allergic reactions or toxicity. The recommended dosage is the 100-300mg daily intake for 3 to 6 weeks to attain energetic benefits.

Ashwagandha Supplement

Ashwagandha is a well-known herb for its extensive health-related benefits, improving athletic performance being one of them. According to a study, Ashwagandha has a positive effect on the aerobic capacity in the athletes. It improves their response to stress and lowers the level of anxiety. It increases the level of hemoglobin in the body, resulting in early injury recovery. With its stress reduction properties, the supplement helps in increasing the tendency to carry out long and stressful workout programs. It is beneficial for you even if you are not a trained athlete but wants to retain a similar lifestyle.

With the combination of little training and Ashwagandha supplements, you can gain substantial muscle strength, recovering ability and muscle mass as compared to a placebo. You can also accomplish greater fat loss and reduced muscle damage. Some of the studies state that Ashwagandha is beneficial in increasing the sprint power and your overall running speed. This is further improved in combination with another Ayurvedic herb called Arjuna.

Ashwagandha is widely consumed by athletes and healthy adults for overall optimum performance. The safe dosage of Ashwagandha is 300 to 500 milligrams of the supplement taken per day. There are marginal to no side effects of this athletic supplement.

Recovery Supplement

When you start to work out, it is the first forty-five minutes that are of utmost importance. You need to push your muscles to endure maximum pressure without incurring any damage. If your muscles have higher recovery potential, you will be able to train harder and longer.

To build this ability, your muscles need to have the tendency to recover and grow. While this is their inbuilt ability, but to ensure that your athletic performance is not affected in any manner, there are recovery supplements that facilitate the recovery process. When you train, you are actually preparing your body to become stronger and more resistant to pressure. If your body does not have the nutritional agents to recover, you may not be able to achieve your fitness or performance goals.

To help you with the process, here is the best recovery supplement that can help you in the process of improving your athletic performance.

Melatonin Supplement

Melatonin is best known as a sleeping supplement, but this miracle drug has extensive other benefits, too. Essentially, melatonin is an indoleamine neurotransmitter. Made from amino acid tryptophan and secreted from the pineal gland, melatonin increases antioxidant activities in the body, enhances immunity and promotes growth hormones. When you train hard, your body needs a particular internal environment to recover. This demands the release of hormones such as GH. GH facilitates anabolism in the body and keeps you active during the training.

However, you need additional melatonin before a workout to ensure that you do not feel tired or sleepy during the session. Melatonin plays a positive role in building muscles, losing fat and promoting energy levels to recover quickly.

During extensive training, your muscles turn sore and become fatigued. Increased soreness can reduce your performance during the workout. Melatonin’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce this soreness and curb the possibility of muscle damage. You can take 0.5 to 5 milligrams of melatonin 30 to 60 minutes before training to acquire its recovery benefits.

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