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Beta Alanine Effects on Brain and Athletic Stamina Performance

Fitness athletes, especially bodybuilders, are in constant search for supplements that can help them get bigger and stronger at a faster rate. This is the main reason why many pharmaceutical companies keep on introducing supplements for muscle growth and mass buildup. However, each supplement contains different ingredients that may or may not suit the body type of every person.

One of the most popular supplements that you can find in the market today is Beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is a supplement that is used by bodybuilders and athletes around the world for its amazing power enhancing effects. It is known for increasing the muscle mass and the stamina significantly. This means that after taking Beta-alanine, you can work out longer than usual and build more muscle than before. Many fitness gurus around the world recommend this product to their followers, and the results speak for themselves.


Beta-Alanine For Athletes

Unlike many other supplements out there, Beta-alanine has very little side effects compared to the advantages that it has. However, it might contain some ingredients that may or may not react badly for a handful of people. This is why it is better to consult your doctor before using any kind of supplement. If your doctor gives you a green signal, then you should go ahead and reap its benefits.

What is Beta-Alanine?

Beta-Alanine is basically a non-essential amino acid. A human body is also capable of producing non-essential amino acids as they are used as the building blocks of proteins. Since protein is what bulks up the muscle fibers, beta-alanine can be used to speed up the muscle building process.

Beta-alanine is also known for synthesizing carnosine. Carnosine is a dipeptide that can counter the effects of acid in the body. The level of carnosine is inversely proportionate to the level of lactic acid in the muscles. This means that carnosine plays a huge role in enhancing the stamina by reducing the lactic acid build up in the muscles. Since lactic acid is the main cause of fatigue on muscle tissue, it can no longer stop you prematurely. This also explains the trademark name of the Beta-Alanine. The name is CarnoSyn, which is clearly derived from the word carnosine.

Beta-Alanine is also produced naturally by your body in various ways. One of these ways is through digestion. When the food is being broken apart in your gut, the microbes in your intestines separate the carbon atom from L-asparate. The separation results in the release of CO2 and Beta-Alanine.

Beta Alanine
Bodybuilding Supplement
Body- building Body- building
Pre- Workout Pre- Workout
Stamina Stamina

How It Works:

  • Enhances stamina and workout performance.
  • Aids in the growth of muscles.
  • Increases the level of carnosine in muscles.
Between 2 – 6 grams per day
Rated Possibly Safe

Who Should Use Beta-Alanine?


Beta Alanine for Runners

Beta-Alanine is mostly advertised and sold under the banner of ‘muscle building’ and ‘stamina enhancing’ supplement. The major target audience and buyer of this Beta Alanine supplement are athletes and bodybuilders who are looking to go the extra mile in their respective fields.

A human body has certain limitations. For example, if you workout too much in the gym, then you will start feeling fatigued and tired. This feeling in your body is created by lactic acid secretion, which indicates that you have reached your limit. However, if you have taken a dose of Beta-Alanine before your workout, then it will significantly reduce the level of lactic acid in your body, hence allowing you to go further than you actually can. In this way, you will be able to build more muscle than you would without the supplement.

Beta-Alanine should only be taken by professional athletes and bodybuilders or at least by those people who regularly workout to stay fit. People who work out casually should stay away from it as the supplement may have a negative effect on them. This is because athletes and bodybuilders have strong muscles that can easily take the strain of going the extra mile, while unfit people certainly don’t.

Effects of Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine definitely has more good effects than bad. However, it all depends on the capacity and timing that you consume it in.

Beta-Alanine Effects on Muscles

As we discussed earlier, Beta-Alanine is used to boost the carnosine inside your body. Carnosine is the ultimate dipeptide that can limit the effects of lactic acid buildup inside the muscles. No lactic acid means you can do more reps, sit-ups, crunches or whatever muscle building exercise that you plan to do.

Doing more workout than usual means that you will be able to build more muscle mass. However, Beta-Alanine should be consumed in the right amount. You should be able to judge how much stress your muscles can take in a day.

Beta-Alanine Effects on Brain

There have been several studies in the past regarding the effect of Beta-Alanine on the human brain. Scientists experimented on athletes and non-athletes and male and female subjects to measure the level of carnosine in their brains before and after the consumption of Beta-Alanine. The studies proved that Beta-Alanine does not have any direct effect on the brain as it purely works on the muscles.

Effects on Athletic Performance

Beta-Alanine is one of the favorite supplements for many professional athletes. It gives a natural boost to the stamina without any major side effects. This is why you see athletes doubling down on this amazing supplement.

Beta-Alanine tricks your body by reducing the level of acids, which eventually build up in your muscles. These acids overflow on the muscle tissues, causing the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. By taking Beta-Alanine, you can delay the process of acid build up and add more reps and miles in your workout. This ensures the maximum athletic performance by the body as naturally possible.

Effects on Stamina

Endurance is probably one of the most important things when it comes to sports. Athletes will make use of all things legal to boost their stamina to the max. Beta-Alanine is the best supplement when it comes to maximizing the stamina. It is known for significantly boosting the stamina. This allows the athletes to bring out the maximum amount of energy that their body can in a competitive event.

Beta-Alanine and Taurine Deficiency

Beta-Alanine is often criticized by some professionals for causing a taurine deficiency in the body. Taurine is a natural amino sulfonic acid in the body that helps build muscle in the body. It is true that Beta-Alanine does cause a taurine deficiency, but it is quite negligible. If you take Beta-Alanine in the right amount, then it would actually be beneficial for muscle building.

How Does Beta-Alanine Work?

A healthy human body is perfectly able to produce non-essential amino-acids to fight back lactic acids on its own. However, the quantity produced naturally by the body is almost negligible. This quantity can be increased through the diet, but that means we need to compromise on consuming extra calories, which some athletes cannot. So, the only way to increase the level of non-essential amino acids in the body is by taking supplements, and there is no better supplement for this job than Beta-Alanine.

During workouts, your body starts breaking energy molecules that are stored in the body through a food source. When these energy molecules are broken down, they release high amounts of hydrogen ions. These hydrogen ions are pretty acidic nature. This is why they are also produced by lactic acid. These hydrogen ions build up in quantity during an intense workout. More hydrogen ions mean more lactic acid build up in the muscles. Lactic acid buildup causes resistance in the muscle contractions, which is a sign of fatigue and tiredness. What Beta-Alanine does is that it limits the production of lactic acid in the muscles. This allows your muscles to contract and relax for a longer amount of time.

Beta-Alanine increases the carnosine concentration in the body. A carnosine is said to be the exact opposite of a lactic acid.

Beta-Alanine Recommended Dosage

Beta Alanine Supplements

Beta Alanine Supplements

Most of the supplements available in the market legally are approved by physicians and nutritionists to go on sale for the general public. However, this doesn’t mean that these supplements do not have negative effects.
Beta-Alanine is one of the few supplements out there with little to no major side effects. However, an excess of everything can be a bit dangerous. This is why companies always mention the amount of dosage with their product.

How Much Beta-Alanine Should You Take Per Day?

The recommended amount of Beta-Alanine consumption per day is between 2 grams and 4.8 grams. Although people have been consuming it in higher quantities for better results, many scientific tests have confirmed that for best results, a maximum dosage of around 4.8 grams should be taken.

Since Beta-Alanine is a fairly new supplement, it might have a different effect on different human bodies. The safest dosage range is between 2 and 4.8 grams, but it is better to consult your physician before fixing your daily dosage of Beta-Alanine.

4 Major Benefits of Beta-Alanine

1.Improved Athletic Performance

Beta-Alanine can give a serious boost to athletic performance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a runner, swimmer, or any kind of high-intensity sportsperson, Beta-Alanine is guaranteed to give you a necessary boost. Just take a dose of Beta-Alanine a few minutes before your workout, and then reap the benefits on the field.

Beta-Alanine can also significantly increase your stamina by halting the lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

2. Bulk-up Muscle Mass

Beta-Alanine allows you to build more muscle than usual. It does that by boosting your stamina so that you can do workout more than usual and build more muscle. Beta-Alanine also increases the oxygen intake in the body, which is necessary for blood flow and brain functioning. This allows you to put on fat-free mass.

3. It Improves Cognitive Functions

Working out under stress will certainly lower your body’s performance. For a healthy and effective workout session, you need to have proper focus and no distractions. Many people get sidetracked during a workout due to lack of cognitive functioning.

Beta-Alanine is also known to significantly boost your cognitive functionality, allowing you to focus both physically and mentally on your exercises. It can also get rid of the stress from your body—at least temporarily.

4. It Fights Aging Process

Beta-Alanine can also be used to fight off the aging process, especially when it comes to athletic performance. Several experiments were conducted with elderly subjects that proved this. A few elderly men and women were given a dose of Beta-Alanine before their workout. They noticed a significant amount of increase in their stamina and strength.

Common Side Effects of Beta-Alanine

As we mentioned earlier, Beta-Alanine is a fairly new supplement that has so far not recorded any major side effect. The reason for its safety is that Beta-Alanine is naturally produced in our bodies. Any substance that is naturally produced by the body can be regulated easily as well. Therefore, if you consume Beta-Alanine on a daily basis, then you don’t need to worry about any side effects.

However, there are some minor effects that you might feel now and then if you are a regular consumer of this supplement. Immediately after consuming the dose of Beta-Alanine, you will feel a sharp tingling sensation all over your face. This weird feeling can be a little painful, but there is no need to worry about any major side effect as it goes away after a few seconds.

Contraindications of Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine has not been around for such a long time to actually discover any contraindications of this supplement. There are no major side effects of this supplement as we discussed earlier. However, some of the doctors have suggested that patients with a heart condition should avoid using Beta-Alanine. The reason for that is that Beta-Alanine might interact with the heart medications and may cause an unknown reaction. However, this is still hypothetical as we have don’t have any evidence yet to prove whether it is true or not.

Doctors have also warned people with several diseases to avoid the use of Beta-Alanine as we don’t know what effect it might have on the diseases. Pregnant women and children should also stay away from Beta-Alanine. In fact, they should avoid all kinds of performance boosting supplements. Even if you are a healthy adult, you should always consult your doctor before using Beta-Alanine.

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