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Top Interesting Benefits of Beta Alanine and How to Increase Muscle Mass

If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast and are obsessed with the shape of your body, looking out for nutritional supplements may be a continuous part of your routine. Gaining and then retaining athletic body is anything but easy. It demands your blood, sweat, and energy. You have to remain conscious about the diet you follow and the eating pattern you maintain, ensuring that your transforming body gets what it requires. Nutritional supplements are quite beneficial in this process as they enhance your performance and enable you to perform better.

Beta Alanine is one such nutritional supplement that is widely used by the bodybuilders, athletes and workout enthusiasts. While Beta Alanine exists naturally in food items such as chicken, beef, pork, and fish, you can consume it as a supplement too which is a more effective and has the ability to cast the effect more immediately.

Beta Alanine For Body Building

Beta-Alanine For Body Building

Constituting of nonessential amino acids, Beta Alanine serves as building blocks of protein which ultimately contribute to the development of body mass in form of lean muscles. Also, these nonessential amino acids help improve your performance in sports, support you during hardcore workouts and build your stamina so you can endure more physical pressure.

With these abilities, Beta Alanine is the ultimate preferred choice of nutritional supplement for you if you want to get an athletic body, performance, and endurance.

What Is Beta Alanine?

Beta Alanine is a nonessential amino acid which exists naturally in your body. As mentioned before, you can also consume this amino acid through proteins such as beef, chicken, and fish. The additional consumption of Beta-Alanine becomes necessary if you want to gain muscle mass, improve your performance or enhance your stamina. In either case, these nonessential amino acids, Beta Alanine, are mandatory for optimum athletic performance.

If we look into the basics of what Beta Alanine is, it is imperative to know the entire process. it starts with your muscles that have a compound called carnosine. The purpose of carnosine is to prevent the Hydrogen ions from getting clogged up or accumulated.

Once you start to exercise, the hydrogen ions start to increase and their level in your muscles escalates. This begins causing a certain burning-like sensation that emerges in your muscles. This burning feel becomes uncomfortable rather quickly and tires you up before you could reach your workout goal.

Beta Alanine works on the carnosine level and increases their concentration in the skeletal muscle. This increases your body’s ability to regulate the hydrogen ion production and alleviate the burning sensation. As a result, you experience less fatigue and enhanced performance.

Beta Alanine
Bodybuilding Supplement
Body- building Body- building
Pre- Workout Pre- Workout
Stamina Stamina

How It Works:

  • Enhances stamina and workout performance.
  • Aids in the growth of muscles.
  • Increases the level of carnosine in muscles.
Between 2 – 6 grams per day
Rated Possibly Safe

What Is Carnosine?

First identified in 1990 by the Russian scientist, Gulewitsch, carnosine is a naturally existing di-peptide found in type1 and type 2 muscle fibers. While it exists in both forms of muscles, its concentration is higher in the type 2 fibers that are essentially used in highly intense workouts and attaining muscle mass.

Using carnosine orally can prevent the signs of aging and also treat complications of chronic diseases such as diabetes. In case of nerve damage, eye disorders, kidney-related problems and other implications of diabetes the clinical research suggest that high carnosine level can improve these conditions.

Though the research remains limited in the context of the effectiveness of carnosine, users’ experience demonstrates highly constructive results in improving muscle strength and exercise performance. Being building blocks of protein, carnosine can help people recovering from heart failure or stroke if they take carnosine by mouth.

Besides, carnosine helps in skin repair, memory loss, obesity and other similar conditions related to muscles and body mass.

How Does Carnosine Work?

Carnosine’s exact functioning mechanism remains to get discovered. The claims pertinent to its function, so far, are made on the basis of assumptions and inference drawn from the user experience. However, it is still a function that is widely studied by the researchers to know how it works as an intracellular buffer.

Carnosine stabilizes the pH level in your muscle by soaking up the hydrogen ions. Having the ability to buffer protons, it neutralizes the internal body pH value and helps you recover quickly without feeling fatigued.

How Does Carnosine Works

Carnosine Works

Your muscles need a certain pH value to work optimally. When its level disturbs during exercise, carnosine immediately normalizes it so that you can continue to perform adequately. There are different buffering systems that function in our body. A few of them maintain pH in the extracellular fluids residing outside the cell.

While others work on the intracellular fluids within the cell, Carnosine serves as a defense against the absorption of hydrogen ions, resulting in neutralization of pH value. Carnosine’s buffering ability makes it useful in other cellular reactions as well. It increases the buffering capacity of our muscles, resulting in improved muscle strength, lean body mass, increased power and enhanced muscular endurance.

Top 4 Interesting Benefits Of Beta Alanine

Beta-Alanine has countless benefits. It can help you make your body healthier physically as well as internally. Where it helps your muscles strengthen, it also improves your overall endurance. Here are some of the best benefits are:

1. Boosts Muscular Anaerobic Endurance

When you undergo intense anaerobic exercise, the acid level in your muscle builds up rather quickly. Beta-Alanine supplements can neutralize this effect, preventing your body from gaining any negative impact.

These supplements decrease the fatigue level and increase the overall output of the muscles. This ultimately means you can have a longer and tougher workout session without getting tired.

2. Increases Muscle Mass

Beta Alanine is beneficial in improving the muscle mass. If you want to have a leaner and more athletic body, this supplement can help you build your muscle in appropriate proportions.

Combining it with creatine, you can have a further enhanced effect. Research shows remarkably positive results for users who combined Beta Alanine with creatine as compared to placebo.

3. Athletic Performance

If you are an athlete, searching for safe yet highly effective nutritional supplements must be one of your constant objectives. Well, Beta Alanine is the supplement for you.

Contrary to the common belief of athletes that Beta-Alanine is useful in muscle gaining only; it is highly beneficial for athletic performance as well. It improves your ability to endure exertion for an extended period of time without resting and delays your fatigue. This helps you to perform optimally.

4. Shorter-Duration Exercises

When your muscles have a greater level of acid in them, it ultimately limits your ability to sustain the exertion during a high-intensity workout. You are bound to take substantial gaps frequently. Consuming Beta-Alanine can help you raise your performance in high-interval training.

According to a Research, it can increase your endurance limit from 1,168 to 1,387 seconds. This denotes how significant improvement it can bring to your overall performance.

Beta Alanine can delay the fatigue and raise your ventilation rate by 13.9% at an average. It can boost your training volume and enable you to overcome resistance for longer durations. Though there isn’t enough research to scientifically prove these benefits, the results achieved through user experience and feedback demonstrates a consistency.

Is Beta Alanine Safe To Use?

It is only natural to demonstrate concerns about whether the nutritional supplement you are about to consume is safe or not. Well, Beta Alanine is highly effective in its functions. It is capable of helping you gain muscle mass, improve your athletic performance, build your stamina, increase your ability to endure stress, and help you recover from tiredness and fatigue quickly.

Beta Alanine Helps To Improve Stamina

Beta Alanine Helps To Improve Stamina

Though there is not enough research conducted on this particular nutritional supplement, the studies so far conducted demonstrate a rather positive reaction. The clinical trials showcase that no negative changes are visible in the blood biochemical, hematological, and hormonal markers.

While there are marginal side effects, there are no significant detrimental reactions reported by the users or the clinical reports. This indicates that Beta-Alanine supplements are completely safe to use.

Using Beta-Alanine For Building Stamina And Improving Pre-Workout Performance: The Optimum Dosage Level

There are different dosage levels of Beta-Alanine suggested for different outcomes. The amount of nutritional supplement you consume depends on the purpose you are consuming it for. If you are aiming to improve your stamina, we suggest that you consider a daily dose of 3.2g Beta Alanine.

You will see a tremendous growth in your stamina within due time. However, it is important that you do not take the mentioned 3.2g Beta Alanine right away or in one dose. Break it down into smaller portions and take them at different times of the day.

Taking the 3.2g dose all at once can cause you tingling-like sensation in body, or Paresthesia. Therefore, it is healthier than you divide the dose into two or three equal portions and schedule them in the morning, noon and evening. This will help you absorb the nutritional supplement better.

When using Beta Alanine as a pre-workout supplement, you have to remain careful with the amount of the supplement you are using. Considering that the supplement consists of several nutrients and elements that enhance your exercise performance, so it is important that you are careful.

Normally, a dose of 2 to 4 grams is sufficient for pre-workout supplements and you can see substantial improvement in your strength, power, and muscle mass after four weeks of time.

Does Beta-Alanine Have The Ability To Increase Carnosine Levels?

According to Clinical Research, Beta Alanine does have a positive effect on the level of carnosine in the muscles. The effects of Beta-Alanine on carnosine correspond to the enhanced exercise performance. The concentration of carnosine increase in the skeletal muscle as the level of Beta-Alanine increases in the body.

If you take 2.4 grams per day of Beta-Alanine for first four days and then 3.6 grams per day for the next four days, and subsequently 4.8 grams per day for the three weeks, the level of carnosine in your resting muscles will increase substantially, resulting in high endurance and tremendous stamina.

While several studies report improvement of carnosine level through the usage of Beta Alanine, very little is known about the time take for the degradation of carnosine level in the skeletal muscles. Studies show that the elimination of carnosine from muscles is relatively slow. This denotes that you can retain high stamina and performance stability for a long period of time.

Safety Concerns: Are There Any Side Effects Of Beta Alanine?

Beta Alanine is a safe nootropic supplement and so far users report no particular side effects that can pose threat to your health and wellbeing. However, you cannot also rule out the marginal adverse reactions that you may incur when you first start to use Beta Alanine.

There are some uncomfortable effects that you may feel while using Beta Alanine supplements. These can include irritation in the respiratory tract and abdominal or gastric problems. Some users report marginal reactions on skin and eyes.

Besides, Paresthesia or ‘pins and needles’ kind of sensation is also experienced by some users. This usually happens when you take a large dose of Beta Alanine in one go. If you break down larger dose into 2 to 3 equal portions, your body is able to absorb the supplement more easily.

Beta Alanine causes no disease or interaction with any drug, food or herb. It is safe to use if you remain careful about the dose you take.

Final Thoughts On Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a performance boosting nutritional supplement that can help you improve your exercise capacity, prolong your workout duration and enhance your athletic performance. With its ability to delay fatigue, build stamina and strengthen your muscles, it is an ideal choice for you if you are looking to build your body muscles and gain a leaner and athletic body shape.

Having antioxidant and immunity-improving capabilities, Beta Alanine is safe and highly beneficial for you. Taking a daily dose of 2 to 5 grams, you can benefit through it tremendously.

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