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Artemisia Annua (Sweet Wormwood) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Malaria causes almost two million deaths annually. Medical professionals have tried different drugs for its treatment. Artemisinin has escalated from local practice in China to a global solution for treating Malaria. Containing anti-malarial agents, Artemisia  Annua is a complete cure for this parasite-caused health condition with marginal side effects.

Artemisinin Annua Health Benefits

Artemisinin Annua Health Benefits

Artemisia Annua is a medicinal plant that is native to China and is locally known as qing hao. It is also known as Sweet Wormwood. It is the fruits of Artemisia Annua plant. Artemisinin that has clinical efficacy against Malaria. Artemisia Annua was first discovered by the Chinese physicians in the 4th century. Used as a natural remedy, Artemisinin is well-known for its fever-reducing properties. It was first consumed in the form of tea. The medicinal use of Artemisia.  It has a legacy for its local consumption to treat Hemorrhoids and Malaria.

Artemisinin grew to global popularity when the World Health Organization recommended Artemisinin-based therapies to treat Malaria in 2001. This plant-derived compound can boost your immune system and kill radical organisms prevailing in your body. The immediate effect of this drug makes it more effective in its use. You can use this supplement to treat not just Malaria, but also to prevent other infections in your body. It helps avert the possibility of cancer.

What Is Artemisia?

Artemisia Annua is essentially a plant that produces Artemisinin or qinghaosu. Artemisinin comprises anti-malarial agents that make its supplement effective against microbial attacks. The flowers and leaves of Artemisia Annua undergo distillation to extract Artemisinin. This extract contains three isoprene units connected together with organic esters.

Artemisinin was first isolated from the plant in 1970after acknowledging its effectiveness against malaria-causing organisms.T his  Chinese medical drug is currently under research for its effectiveness in curtailing the cancer-associated risks.T he research states that Artemisinin can clear malarial parasites from the blood quicker than any other drug. There are no serious side effects reported for Artemisinin per se.

Immunity Immunity
Chinese Medicine Chinese Medicine
Anti- Viral Anti- Viral

How It Works:

  • Takes care of overall health.
  • Has anti-aging and anti-viral properties.
  • Boosts immune functioning and Qi.
Between 100 – 1000 mg per day
Rated Possibly Safe

Using Artemisinin For Malaria Treatments

Artemisia for malaria prevention

Medical professionals across the globe acknowledge Artemisinin-based combination therapy as a highly effective treatment for Malaria. The existing drugs for Malaria are less effective as the user develops resistance to them with time. Artemisinin, on the other hand, entails fast-acting compounds Artemisinin help your body battle against Malaria for an extended period of time. Malaria treatment is now based on Artemisinin because of its high efficacy, quick action and the least possibility of your body developing resistance towards it.

Artemisinin treatment effectively leads towards a reduction in the hospital stays for the Malaria patients and enable more efficient recovery as compared to other treatment options. Artemisinin-based combination therapy is highly safe and an uncomplicated way of treating Malaria. It executes parasite clearance rapidly and manages imported Malaria well.

The use of Artemisinin derivatives shows positive and more effective results as compared to other treatments. Their use is now recommended as a first-line drug in the local and international medical guidelines. Artemisinin has a better safety profile and poses less risk of health conditions like hypoglycemia. Though there are only limited scientific studies on the effects of Artemisinin, the positive results achieved denote it as a successful treatment for Malaria.

Using Artemisinin For Lyme Disease

How to treat Lyme disease using Artemisinin?

Besides Malaria, the medical professionals are analyzing the possibility of the nootropic drug for the further medical application. Using Artemisinin supplements for the Lyme disease has shown positive results and this promises huge scope of this particular naturopathic treatment in near future. The bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi causes the Lyme disease in humans and gets transmitted by an infected deer tick. Suffering from this disease, the patients develop a skin infection, referred to as “Erythema Migrans.”

Is Lyme diseases Curable

Is Lyme diseases Curable

Traditionally, patients get treated with antibiotics, but now professionals are recommending Artemisinin supplements to help boost the immune properties of the individuals to treat this disease and reduce its occurrence. The immunity-boosting properties of Artemisinin project it as a supplement with anti-cancer effects, making it an effectual alternative to treat diseases such as Lyme.

Artemisinin helps in to regulate the immune system and defends the connective tissues in patients against the autoimmune attacks. In people with Lyme disease, the pathogen is able to attack the lymphocytes responsible for producing antibodies. The components present in Artemisinin help inhibit these attacks and boost the resistance of the patient’s body. The standard dose of Artemisinin supplement in Lyme disease is one capsule taken thrice a day. The recommended treatment duration is four months so that the symptoms of the disease do not recur and the patient gains stamina to sustain any future attack.

Traditional Treatments For Lyme Disease

Conventionally known as Gu Syndrome condition, Lyme disease causes the person to endure weak immune system, fatigue, pain and mental and physical putrefaction. The objective of the traditional treatment for Lyme disease is to clear the body from pathogens, help reconstruct the immune system, reduce pain, and eliminate fatigue.

The expected life of the Lyme bacteria is six weeks, and the patient takes the recommended herbs for about ten weeks. The extended period helps the patient to regain the lost stamina and reinforce their body. Traditional treatment for Lyme disease entails a mixture made from various dried herbs.

The diet plan of the patient exempts cow dairy, wheat, refined sugar, alcohol, and caffeine, and increases the intake of animal protein, seaweed, and green vegetables. The traditional treatment of Lyme disease aims to detoxify the body and help the patient in overcoming their pain and inflammation.

6 Interesting Benefits and Uses Of Artemisia

It is widely acclaimed for its anti-malarial effects. However, its benefits and uses are not limited to the treatment of Malaria only. This nootropic drug is still under research and it is a lot undiscovered about Artemisinin. People refer to it as a miracle herb for its positive outcomes against infections and microbial diseases. Here are some essential benefits of Artemisinin:

1.  Prevents Infections

Reportedly, Artemisinin is 90% effective in treating and curing malaria caused by a parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. The drug has a tendency to develop immunity in your body against the effects of malarial parasites. Combining it with anti-malarial drugs, Artemisinin can effectively stop the microbial activity that leads to infections and health conditions like Hepatitis B and C.

2. Aids Cancer Treatment

There is not enough clinical evidence to back up this precise benefits. However, some of the clinical trials show that combining Artemisinin with a certain kind of chemotherapy can increase the survival rate. The extract of Artemisia Annua has anti-tumor effects which make it useful for the treatment of cancer to improve the condition.

3. Improves Insomnia

Artemisinin has certain sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps calm the nerves and relax the muscles. This can assist you in composing your mind and alleviating the stress. These properties make helpful in treating sleep disorders like insomnia.

4. How to boost immune system

The variations of Artemisinin continue to demonstrate productive results in terms of boosting immunity. They initiate anti-inflammatory effects in the human body. The state that these supplements inhibit the activities of certain viruses like human cytomegalovirus (HCMV), Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus, and other virus related to the Herpesviridae family.

5. Treats Skin Condition

Artemisinin’s effectiveness against skin conditions is among the lesser known benefits of this Chinese medical herb. You can gain much relief and positive outcomes from Artemisinin for ulcers, wounds and skin-related issues. It can help prevent skin infections by boosting your immunity. Also, it can fight against the existing skin contagions. You can get healthy and strong skin cells by consuming Artemisinin supplements.

6.  Anti-Inflammatory Properties

It is rich in agents that can reduce inflammation in your body. It can help you get relief from pain and reduce swelling in your body. This makes it effectual for gastrointestinal issues. It assists in treating conditions like Dyspepsia.

Is Artemisia Helpful In Preventing Cancer?

There is an extensive research gap in this area waiting to get addressed to determine the effects and uses of Artemisinin. In randomized clinical trials, the results show that Artemisia Annua has a positive impact on users who consume it during their cancer treatment.  Still, there is a need to conduct in-depth research to determine the exact role Artemisinin has in treating cancer.

Artemisinin for Cancer

Artemisinin for Cancer

This supplements, according to some researchers, are helpful in treating Leukemia. They have positive effects for cancer associated with colon, breast, lung, and pancreas.

Some of the results also show that Artemisinin extracts are beneficial for treating colorectal cancer. They slow down the growth of ovarian cancer cells. Despite the lack of evidence, medical professionals can use Artemisinin as an alternative treatment for cancer. It is less aggressive and entails fewer risks.

Using this supplements with iron is effectual for cancer patients as the effects of this anti-microbial drug get activated through iron. There is a lesser possibility of normal and healthy cells getting damaged by Artemisinin while fighting cancer cells. This herb only targets the malignant bodies in the plasma and leaves the healthy cells unharmed.

Despite the dearth of scientific evidence, there are several success stories regarding the effectiveness of supplements in preventing and treating cancer. This denotes the promising future of this supplement in the field of cancer treatment.

How Does Artemisia Work?

The functioning of Artemisinin is recently discovered and researchers are gaining steady success in determining how artemisinin drug kills the malarial parasites. The evidence states that Artemisinin binds to proteins in the key biochemical pathways.

It requires heme to get activated. Heme is an iron-containing component of the red blood protein hemoglobin. Heme is acquired from different sources during the parasite lifecycle. In the earlier stages, Artemisinin extracts heme from the biosynthetic pathway of the parasite itself. However, in later stages, Artemisinin can acquire it from the digested hemoglobin. It gets activated when it reaches a heme-rich parasite. It immediately attacks the parasite and kills it by jamming up several cellular processes and pathways.

There is still a lot unknown about the action mechanism of Artemisinin.

How to Take Artemisia?

How to boost your immune system

Boost your immune system

The dosage level it depends extensively on factors like age and health conditions of the user. The standard oral dose recommended is 500mg Artemisinin taken twice a day. One 500mg dose of Artemisinin is effective in reducing non-severe malaria conditions.

  • In Malaria-Prevalent Areas:

    You can divide the dosage into 100 to 200mg and take them thrice a day in tablet or tincture form. If you have been living in areas that have risks of malaria, for an extensive period of time, it is beneficial for you to combine Artemisinin with other anti-malarial therapies. This can help prevent ingredient resistance developed by your body over the time.

  • For Parasite Infections

    For parasite infections, 1 to 2 capsules of 100mg Artemisinin is sufficient. You can take it twice a day before meals.

  • For Cancer Treatment

    To use Artemisinin for cancer treatment, you can consume150mg on a daily basis. However, it is important that you talk to your physician in confidence before you incorporate the use of Artemisinin in the treatment.

5 Potential Side Effects of Artemisinin

Users report it as a safe drug to use. There are no severe adverse effects associated with the drug when used within the recommended dosage level. You may, however, experience marginal effects like:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Sweating

The Potential Side Effects are more or less similar to Malaria. In rare cases, you may experience an allergic reaction. This is mainly because of your body treated as a malignant agent. If you notice any symptoms of side effects, make sure you get medical help right away. Other than these minimal effects, It is a safe drug that can help you recover from Malaria almost instantly and give you relief from other infections.



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