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Aniracetam Nootropics: User Reviews, Experience, and Safety Records

Aniracetam, also known as N-anisoyl-2-pyrrolidinone is a nootropic which was first produced in Belgium in the 1970s by the Swiss pharmaceutical company – Hoffmann-La Roche.  It is a popular compound which belongs to the drug category – Racetams and has multiple cognitive benefits.

 Research shows that the primary reason why people take this nootropic supplement is to boost their cognitive function. It helps to improve concentration and attentiveness, creativity and complex thinking, and memory and learning ability. Research also concludes that Aniracetam decreases your social anxiety and symptoms of depression as well.

Aniracetam For Depression

Aniracetam For Depression

Aniracetam nootropic is an amino acid that ensures the optimum performance of different neural chemicals found in your brain. In this way, it helps maintain brain function and speeds up the process of transferring information between different hemispheres in the brain. This further helps Aniracetam to enhance the concentration span of the consumer.

Moreover, Aniracetam supplements boost oxygen and glucose that are present in your brain. The augmentation of oxygen and glucose enable the brain to function properly. Hence, you wouldn’t require consuming more food or exercising rigorously to improve your cognition level.

Aniracetam is helpful to various kinds of individuals including executives, students, or even those people who are a part of creative fields. Clinical studies show that Aniracetam improves concentration and focus Aniracetam improves concentration and focus. It expands your attention span which helps you stay focused for a longer period of time. Plus, it improves both your short-term and long-term memory and perception.

User reviews report Aniracetam’s benefits for focus, social anxiety, memory, attention, awareness, and mood. Here, we have discussed some of the important consumer reviews in detail.

Racetam Nootropic
Motivation Motivation
Memory Memory
Mood Mood

How It Works:

  • Helps in retaining and recalling memory
  • Enhances motivation and concentration
  • Pacifies anxiety and enhances mood
750 and 4500mg Per day
Generally Well Tolerated

User Reviews: Common Reviews

Unlike other nootropic reviews, most of the Aniracetam reviews are positive. It is the kind of nootropic that people consume in high quantities without suffering from any serious side-effects. Different people take Aniracetam for different purposes.

Some consume it for the purpose of enhancing their creative or thought processes while some consume it for improving their memory. Aniracetam also affects different kinds of people in different ways. For some, the effects of Aniracetam are quite strong while for others they are slight subtle. Even if the effects are not that apparent, you can incorporate other activities in your daily life that can help boost your cognition level. In addition to taking this supplements, you can consider getting a sufficient amount of sleep and engaging in exercises daily.

An Aniracetam user shares his experience – “Although I have experienced a very subtle effect of Aniracetam, I am still amazed to see a noticeable difference in myself. Since I was taking Aniracetam for concentration, I feel that the supplement has really helped in increasing my concentration power. Now I am able to focus on tasks at hand for a longer period of time. Highly impressed!”

Another user shared his experience of using Aniracetam that “There was a time when I used to struggle a lot to come up with creative ideas but not anymore! All thanks to Aniracetam supplements! Their results are superb!”

User Review About Improved Memory And Cognitive Effects

Aniracetam Helps to Increase your memory

Aniracetam Helps to Increase your memory

Various users report how Aniracetam positively impacted their memory and cognition. Some of the positive reviews of those users are down below.

“I had a lot of trouble in memorizing important dates and events that we were taught in our history subject. I was also unable to memorize math and physics formula properly. I was very worried that I would flunk this year. As much as I was tensed my parents were equally concerned for me. My parents took me to a doctor who prescribed me Aniracetam supplements. I have been using these supplements for some time now and my memory has improved a lot!”

“I have been taking Aniracetam for over a month and this supplement has really improved my memory. In the past, I couldn’t focus well enough and that had affected my memory a lot. I didn’t know what to do but then I got to know about Aniracetam. This supplement is worth every penny! I will recommend this nootropic to everyone who is looking for ways to enhance their memory.”

“I take Aniracetam supplements in 500 mg and 750 mg, five days a week. And I have seen a remarkable improvement in my ability to both recall and learn information. At one point in my life, it used to take a lot of time for me to remember things but thank God that’s not the case anymore!”

“I was looking for a supplement that could enhance my brain activity. After a lot of searches on the Internet, I came across Aniracetam supplements. Although I got to know about multiple brain-boosting supplements, Aniracetam seemed to be the most promising one. I must say, this supplement is totally worth it! My brain power has notably improved!”

User Review About Focus And Motivation

“Aniracetam is amazing – to say the least! Whenever I take it, I feel less anxious. Concentrating on my work isn’t as hard as it used to be. This supplement has definitely enhanced my focus. Whatever challenges come my way, I don’t panic at all. This has helped me tackle my problems greatly!”

“Under pressure and anxiety, it becomes really hard for me to focus and concentrate. During these times, I don’t know how to control my anxiety. I absolutely stop thinking straight and my mind goes totally blank – nothing comes to my mind! This affects my overall performance a lot at work. One of my colleagues told me that her sister had the same issue. So, she started taking Aniracetam which has improved her condition. I listened to her and began taking small doses of Aniracetam every day. The supplement has really enhanced my focus level. I am able to concentrate quite well now!”

“I used to be extremely worried about my son. All of a sudden, he became so lazy, showing zero interest in his studies. He was doing worse at school as many teachers complained to me about his poor performance. I consulted a doctor and he prescribed Aniracetam supplements. Initially, the supplements had a very little effect on my son but soon I started observing a significant change in him. Gladly, he isn’t as distracted as he used to be. He shows interest in his studies more than ever! Aniracetam is truly magical!”

“On the first day of taking these supplements, I noticed an immediate effect within just an hour. I felt a bit high at first but when I continued taking these supplements, after a week or so, I stopped feeling so weird. Now, I am able to think more clearly. Problems of daily life don’t worry me as much as they used to.”

User Review – Whether Aniracetam Nootropics Are Safe?

Before taking any kind of supplement, the first question that comes to the mind of the consumer is whether that particular supplement is safe or not.

Despite many nootropics that could have adverse side-effects on their users, Aniracetam proves to be otherwise. Here are some of the reviewers’ claims to validate the safety of Aniracetam nootropics.

“I ordered this product a few days ago and it has really energized me. I suffer from chronic fatigue but this supplement has given me a considerable energy boost. I am extremely satisfied with this supplement. The great thing is that I have not experienced any side effect so far!”

“I have been taking Aniracetam nootropics for over two years now. Needless to say, the supplements are absolutely safe. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure if they would prove to be of any benefit. But since my doctor had prescribed them, I knew Aniracetam supplements couldn’t be harmful. And I was absolutely right! Not only they are absolutely safe to use but they have improved my mental performance to a great extent. Highly recommended!”

 “Whenever I take these supplements, there is a noticeable boost in my confidence level. I stay calmer and more focused. Although I have been taking these supplements in high doses, I have not faced any major side-effect. I can, indeed, rely on Aniracetam forever!”

“I am amazed to see how this product has improved my memory. I used to struggle a lot with retaining important details in my mind. For some odd reason, I would forget everything after a few days. But Aniracetam has really boosted my memory. And I’m glad that unlike other supplements it is totally safe to use.”

User Review For Mood And Anxiety

Consumers have also boasted how Aniracetam enhances their mood and lower their anxiety level. Some of those reviews are mentioned below:

“I have a social anxiety disorder. I find it extremely difficult when it comes to talking to new people. This is the reason why I avoid going to parties or any event.  I don’t like giving presentations in the classroom either. My parents tried a lot of tactics to help overcome my anxiety issues but those strategies were of no use. Last month, they started giving me Aniracetam supplements and I have been taking them every day since then. In the beginning, I felt a bit sleepy but soon the supplement started showing its promised result. I can confidently say that I don’t feel as anxious as before. I’m so happy!”

How to Improve Brain Function Using Aniracetam

How to Improve Brain Function Using Aniracetam

“After the death of my husband, I became really depressed. I was unable to concentrate on my work. Nothing used to please me and I was always in a bad mood no matter what. I could see that everyone was really worried about me. My mother took me to a doctor who prescribed me Aniracetam pills. I have been taking these pills for a while now. Although I have not fully gotten out of depression, my mood has comparatively improved. No doubt, it is a really good product!”

“I am a super anxious person, always panicking and stressing over my problems. Even minor issues put me on edge. I remember that one day something really bad had happened and as a


I got a severe kind of panic attack. It became extremely hard for my family to control me. To stop my condition from getting worse, I started taking Aniracetam supplements in 450mg dose and I must say that Aniracetam helped treat my anxiety to a large extent.

Side Effects Review For Aniracetam

“When I first started taking Aniracetam pills, I used to feel a bit lethargic. But with time, I have stopped feeling so lazy. In fact, the pills soon started doing wonders for my health. My attention span increased to a considerable level. Undoubtedly, I have become more focused and productive!”

“In the beginning, I felt a bit nauseated but after a few days of its continual use, I started feeling better. These supplements are great!”

“I had anxiety issues and due to this, I faced a lot of problems at work. I was unable to give presentations confidently and always felt shy talking to my employees. Then, I started taking Aniracetam supplements on my mother’s command. In the first few weeks, I felt very irritable but then I was right on track.”

Safety Records For Using Aniracetam

In clinical studies, Aniracetam is considered to be absolutely safe. Although this supplement is primarily safe, it does have certain side effects. However, these side-effects are not harmful to the consumer.

Aniracetam may cause headaches in some people. This only happens when there is an insufficient level of neurochemicals in your brain.

 You may also suffer from certain side effects if you take this supplement in a high dosage. Some of those side effects include insomnia, anxiety, vertigo, nausea, and diarrhea.

 If you suffer from any of these side effects, the first thing that you must do is decrease your dosage or stop using this compound for a few days or weeks. If you still suffer from these health problems, consult a doctor immediately.

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