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African Mango Extract Review – Benefits and How It Really Works

What Does Irvingia Do?

A majority of the people in the present world list weight loss as their primary concern. They’d try anything that can cause a positive effect and help them bring down their weight.

It is gaining attention around the globe after getting featured on The Dr. Oz Show. The popularity of the product is mainly because of its ability to address obesity, diabetes, and pain.

Scientifically known as Irvingia gabonesis, African Mango product is full of nutrients that contain several health benefits. As the name suggests, it is a tree native to West Africa, commonly known as ogbono or bush mango. African Mango has no history as a traditional medicine. Its abilities to burn fat, reduce blood sugar, and lower cholesterol are only recently discovered.

How To Use African Mango For Weight Loss

African Mango for Weight Loss

The pulp of the fruit is consumed as a food.It is processed further to make jams and juices. Weight-loss supplements utilize the extract of the fruit seeds. They reduce body fats and leptin levels.

There is only limited research you will find on African Mango product. There is a lot to be discovered about the supplements yet. However, the findings so far have acknowledged its effectiveness for body weight, cardiovascular health, and diabetic conditions. This Africa-native product has no reports of side-effects so far.

So, if you are looking for safe and effective ways to get rid of extra body fat and maintain your heart’s health, it can be the answer to all your callings. Read on to know more about How African Mango supplement works in your body and what benefits you can acquire through it.

Mechanism Of Action: How African Mango Works In Your Body?

With all the hype created about the supplement, you must wonder how it actually works in your body for weight loss and obesity. There aren’t many clinical data available on the supplement that can determine its exact functioning. However, there are several positive results received among the users which prove African Mango’s ability to control appetite and reduce body fat.

Four ways in which the supplement works in your body for different functions:

1. Executing Weight Loss

African Mango product is a great source of fiber and healthy fatty acids. These nutrients are primary factors that make this supplement effective in promoting weight loss. The exact mechanism of African Mango in reducing weight is not known but it is presumed that the fiber and fatty acids escalate the metabolism process.

2. Managing Diabetes

It seeds constitute high soluble fibers. These fibers extend the stay of food in the stomach. When consumed food is not transferred into the intestine right away, it delays the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. This decreases the glucose level in blood after a meal.

3. Controlling Cholesterol

The fibers in the African Mango accumulate the bile salts and excrete them from your body. This creates a shortage of salts. To overcome this deficiency cholesterol converts into bile salts. This way the blood cholesterol level is controlled.

4. Eliminating Toxins

The composition of African Mango comprises compounds such as flavonoids, alkaloids, and anthocyanins. These compounds are scientifically proven to have high antioxidant properties. This makes African Mango exhibit impressive antioxidant activities in your body, resulting in reducing toxicity and improving liver function.

African Mango
African Mango
Appetite Suppressant
Weight Loss Weight Loss
Appetite Appetite
Carb Blocker Carb Blocker

How It Works:

  • It aids in weight loss by controlling your appetite
  • Helps to control cholesterol and blood sugar
  • It improves adiponectin and leptin sensitivity
Between 250mg capsules taken twice a day
Generally well Tolerated

What Does Research Say About African Mango Extract?

There are only limited research studies available on the effects of African Mango seed extracts. Though there is no official clinical evidence, the supplement makers highly sponsor the health benefits of African Mango.

The researchers are able to confirm that the extracts of African Mango seeds can assist in weight loss and lower cholesterol level in your blood. The presence of high fiber content in the seeds work against the cholesterol and subsequently eliminates it from your body.

African Mango Weight Loss Pills

African Mango Pills for Fat Burn

Several studies demonstrate that if you are on a low-fat and less calorie diet, African Mango supplements can help you lose more weight than taking any other weight-losing supplement. When the extracts of these seeds combine with other herbs like Cissus quadrangularis, the process of weight loss is further enhanced. Supplement makers sponsor these studies. The Natural Medicine’s Comprehensive Database acknowledges the lack of scientific evidence related to African Mango as compared to its increased use for therapeutic purposes. The research, however, has been able to highlight that the seeds of African Mango contain medium and long chains of fatty acids. Also, there are no such bioactive molecules present in the fruit seeds that are uncommon for other plants. This makes African Mango safe and sans any detrimental effects that can adversely affect your body on consumption.

The studies conducted for the Irvingia gabonesis are questionable because of their moderate quality control standards. According to one of the studies, if one consumes African Mango supplements three times a day for four weeks, there can be a visible difference in the total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The seed extract can reduce these levels by 39% and 45% respectively. Another study showcases 26% reduction in total cholesterol level and 27% reduction in the LDL-C level.

6 Things You Need to Know African Mango

African Mango, despite the lack of scientific evidence, has offered tremendous positive results in its users. It is gaining popularity for its effective outcomes for conditions including obesity, cholesterol levels, diabetes, blood circulation, heart health, and cancer.

African Mango Weight Loss Formula

1. African Mango for Weight Loss

African Mango extract has received major acclamations for its ability to promote weight loss. There is no clinical evidence to prove it scientifically, but the user review has supported its positive results. The ingredients present in the seeds of African Mango are effectual in reducing the overall cholesterol levels. They can also stimulate the metabolism and elevate the rate of fat-burning.

2. African Mango May Lower Bad Cholesterol and Raise Good Cholesterol

The supplements can improve cholesterol levels. The studies so far conducted to explore the benefits of African Mango have demonstrated that it can reduce bad cholesterol by almost 46% and increase good cholesterol by 47% as compared to other supplements and drugs.

3. African Mango Controls Diabetes

The seeds of Irvingia gabonesns is are rich in soluble fiber. This fiber helps in stabilizing the sugar levels in blood in people who are suffering from insulin resistance. The African Mango seeds assist in diabetes management by decreasing fasting blood glucose levels by 25% after 8 weeks of use.

4. African Mango Boosts Circulation

If you are suffering from blood pressure issues, it seeds can beneficial for you. They can reduce the systolic blood pressure and improve the blood circulation in your body.

5. African Mango Protects Heart Health

The nutritional compounds present in the supplements are able to control cholesterol level and boost blood circulation in your body. They are also effectual in burning excessive fats. This collaboratively results in protecting your hearth and improving its health. African Mango supplements are beneficial in lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

6. African Mango Prevents Cancer

The ellagic acid in the seeds of it makes them antioxidant in nature. The supplements can effectively detoxify your body by eliminating the toxic elements, especially from the liver. This reduces the health risks related to cancer and other diseases.

African Mango 4 Major Safety and Side Effects

There is a minimal chance that you will experience any serious side effect after consuming African Mango product. These supplements are safe to use and cause no adverse effect on your body.

However, there can be some minor problems like:
  • Headaches

Headaches are one of the commonly occurring effective of nootropic supplements. You are likely to experience marginal throbbing in your head after the consumption of African Mango product. This usually occurs when you take the dose more than your normal dosage level. You must follow the recommended dosage to prevent headaches.

  • Sleep problems

Sleep problems rarely occur in the users after consuming the African Mango supplement. This is primarily because of the active ingredients present in the product. If you are facing any difficulty in getting sleep, you should consider reducing the time of supplement consumption and the quantity you are taking.

  • Allergic Reactions

This side effect rarely occurs in users, and only if you are allergic to the plant itself. If you experience any reaction on your body after using the supplement like redness of skin and blemishes, you should cease the consumption right away. Consult your doctor, and only resume consumption of supplement if it is medically approved for you.

  • Effects of African Mango on Liver

African Mango is a safe drug to use. You will encounter side effects only if you exceed the recommended daily dosage. Though there isn’t any significant reaction of the supplement, it appears in some cases that African Mango can negatively impact your liver and increase the possibility of toxicity and damage. Although it is highly rare, if you continue to extend your recommended dosage level for an extended period of time, your liver may suffer damage.

African Mango Review and Dosage

It is a staple food in Africa and its fruit is widely consumed by the locals. Food products like jam, juices, and wine all use it as a major ingredient. It is also utilized in cosmetic production and for pharmaceutical purposes.

The dosage level recommended by the clinical studies is as follows:

  • 150mg capsules taken 30 minutes before the meal, twice a day.
  • 250mg capsules taken twice a day.
  • 1.05g capsules taken thrice a day, 30 minutes before the meal.

According to the user review and feedback, African Mango supplements receive a mixed level of satisfaction. Though there are more positive reviews, there are users that report no significant outcomes of the supplements. Majority of the users report visible changes in their body shape. They are able to reduce their weight through African Mango supplements without bringing any substantial change in their lifestyle otherwise.

African Mango Weight Loss Pills Review

African Mango enjoys a highly positive review of its weight reducing abilities. As it works on maintaining the cholesterol and blood sugar level, it promotes weight loss as well.

This is mainly due to the fiber content present in the supplement. According to a randomized controlled trial comprising of 40 over-weight individuals, African Mango was able to reduce weight in the people who were using it.

Users receive more positive results from the reasonable alternative that African Mango is as compared to other more expensive weight loss options. So, if you are asking that is African Mango good for weight loss, then the answer is affirmative.

Yes, it can give you the positive results you want if you plan your diet effectively alongside. However, the changes acquired by the individuals are different as each body reacts to the supplement differently.

Where to Buy African Mango Pills

African Mango pills are easy to get. Since they do not need any prescriptions to be purchased, you can get your supply of pills through online shopping.

Considering that nootropic supplements are still on their start-up level, their distribution is not on a mass scale yet. However, online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to get African Mango pills and start your process of losing weight.

Is African Mango Safe?

African Mango is highly safe to use. There are no serious side effects as long as you are using it within the recommended dosage. You can extend your dose but make sure to do it gradually.

This will let your body get used to the higher dose. As mentioned, you will only be at risk of serious reactions if you continue to consume the exceeded dosage level. Keeping within the recommended dosage level, African Mango is your ultimate guide towards a healthier and stronger life.


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